Alternatives to the Holter Monitor for Dogs

by | Jun 15, 2020

You’ve gone to the clinic, and your veterinarian suggests the use of a Holter Monitor for your dog, now what? 

Canine Holter Monitors Are Used to:

  • Diagnose heart arrhythmias, heart diseases or irregularities
  • Evaluate current cardiac medications and effects they have on canines

Holter monitors have been a longstanding tool in the medical field used in both humans and canines to monitor heart rhythms continuously. One might have to wear a Holter monitor to diagnose intermittent cardiac arrhythmias, a specific heart disease, or understand irregularities. But it’s nothing to worry about, Holter monitors use an electrocardiogram (ECG) to track the electrical activity within the heart of the individual. Dogs often return home and participate in regular daily activities, which are documented in a log by their owner. Once complete, their veterinarian can analyze the information recorded by the ECG and diagnose the health condition needing attention.

Benefits of Holter Monitors for Dogs:

Compared to a two minute ECG trace in a clinic, a Holter monitor worn for 24-48 hours, allows veterinarians and technicians to have a better look at what your pet is going through. The device enables a higher chance for documentation of the patient’s medical diagnosis (Ex. fainting, seizures, irregular heartbeat, etc.). The Holter monitor for dogs also includes a button for owners to press when an unusual behavior occurs, which makes it quickly noted when there should have been a spike or decline in the ECG.

  • Device is worn for 24-48 hours and has better ability to capture irregularities
  • Tracks unusual activity & rhythms within the cardiovascular system

Alternatives to Holter Monitors for Dogs:

Although a useful tool, with most current versions of the canine Holter monitor, dogs must be shaved in several areas and require adhesive removal or ECG conductor paste. This process can be hard and unflattering for our furry friends we love so much. The MeasureON! harness provides an ECG without the shaving requirement.

Often clinics have a contract with a canine Holter monitor company and order devices as needed. After, the company, in collaboration, will run all collected data through an analyzer to identify problem areas. MeasureON! differs as all collected information becomes available instantly to the clinic and the patient’s owner. This process becomes more cost-effective for both the pet owner and veterinarian, as well as more time-efficient in diagnosing your pet.

Why You Should Choose MeasureON! For Your Clinic and Pet:

Our pets need to have the best available modern technology both within our clinics and at home. Specifically, MeasureON! provides several benefits as a canine Holter monitor. These include:

  • Increased Return On Investment (ROI)MeasureON! is inexpensive compared to standard Holter monitors for dogs. Both veterinarians and pet-owners can purchase MeasureON!, allowing more optimal care for your pet.
  • Versatility – MeasureON! collects temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, activity level, and ECG. With more information gathered, veterinarians are aware at all times that the monitor is connected correctly and can quickly evaluate both cardiac and respiratory problems.
  • Efficiency – All collected vitals and information are sent directly to whoever has access to the patient in the VetMeasure mobile application. With quicker vitals comes quicker results allowing your pet to get well sooner.
  • Comfort –  As a harness with elastic straps, MeasureON! is non-invasive and provides a more enjoyable fit for your dog.

Whether you are a veterinarian or a pet-owner MeasureON! will provide you with the needed information to keep your pet healthy.