The Team

Each team member at VetMeasure has helped build-up or company to what it is today. Learn a bit about them and what they do to help us reach our goals. Kevin Maher President & Founder Kevin founded VetMeasure in 2015 based on the knowledge of 30+ years of experience in the animal health industry. Through…

Dog Under Anesthesia

Understanding Your Dog’s Anesthesia Recovery

During dental procedures and other surgeries, veterinarians routinely anesthetize dogs. While there are some risks associated with anesthesia, veterinarians closely monitor their patients throughout the process. With a comprehensive monitoring system, your veterinarian has an increased chance to identify problematic trends within your pet’s vitals. Therefore your veterinarian can intervene and reverse these changes sooner. …

VCPR - Vet and Patient

Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship

The What, Why, and How of VCPR and its relationship with Telehealth. What is a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship? Professional veterinarians adhere to the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics (PVME), which includes the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR). The VCPR is an established relationship between a veterinarian, owner or producer, and patient or herd. Having a VCPR allows veterinarians…