Graphic saying "Happy Veterinary Technician Week!" with Vet Tech and Dog

Happy Veterinary Technician Week!

Happy National Veterinary Technicians Week! We want to take a moment to recognize all the veterinary technicians for the long hours they put into keeping our furry friends happy and healthy. We value veterinary technicians every day of the year and understand that they are critical for the day-to-day function of veterinary practices. So, what…


Take-Aways from the Veterinary Innovation Summit

Last week two members from the VetMeaure team had the opportunity to travel to the Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) in Fort Collins, Colorado. This summit is dedicated to innovations and improvements in animal health. Not only did we have the opportunity to show off MeasureON!; we also had a chance to experience continuing education sessions with practicing veterinarians,…



We are getting excited to attend the Veterinary Innovation Summit at Colorado State University next weekend, September 27th & 28th! If you will be there please feel free to stop by at our booth and talk to us about the exciting MeasureON! harness!

MeasureON!’s New Look

As we introduced in our last VetMeasure blog post, our engineering team at Sapien, LLC. has updated the MeasureON! chassis. These updates improve user experience when interacting with the harness and increased the accuracy of data readings.  The Axillary straps:  The updated MeasureON! harness features elastic axillary straps rather than the previous ribbon-like straps that…


MeasureON! Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

The VetMeasure team and MeasureON! models were all smiles and wags last month for our second MeasureON! photoshoot. This summer the VetMeasure team has been busy finalizing our product in preparation for MeasureON!’s commercial launch. With updates to the MeasureON! harness design (check back next week for details on this), updated product photos were also…


Heat Exhaustion in Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to cool themselves through sweating. Instead, dogs rely on less efficient methods such as panting and are therefore at an increased risk of heat exhaustion, which can escalate into heat stroke. A dog’s normal body temperature is typically 100°F- 102.5°F. Heat exhaustion is typically classified as a body temperature over…