Veterinarian and veterinary technician looking at data from VetMeasure's canine smart harness, MeasureON! the harnesses measures a dog's temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, activity leve and ecg and reports the data to the VetMeasure Mobile App.

COVID 19 Telemedicine

As veterinarians transition to an online telehealth platform, here are some great resources to keep in mind. Many clients are understandably reluctant to come to the office for a face-to-face consultation during the COVID-19 pandemic. And many veterinarians have set up great alternative methods for pets to still receive the care that they need. Practices…


COVID-19 Impact

With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 rapidly multiplying across the United States, the VetMeasure team wanted to update you as to our plans, remind you of trusted sources of information, and generate ideas on how your veterinary clinic can continue seeing clients during this time.  The VetMeasure team is closely following all information…

Veterinary professional with patient using the MeasureON! canine smart harness automatically monitoring a dog's temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG and activity level.

Improving Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) with MeasureON!

What is the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship or VCPR?   VCPR is the relationship built between a pet owner, a veterinarian, and the patient or pet. This relationship is founded on trust between the client and the vet and is a high priority of many veterinary practices. There are five main points to the veterinary-client-patient relationship:    The veterinarian assumes the responsibility…


VMX Recap

Over this past week, VetMeasure had the opportunity to travel the Veterinary Medical Exposition. Not only was this a great break from the chilly Iowa weather, but it was also a great opportunity to network with veterinarian professionals from across the country. VMX was an incredible event to launch MeasureON! to veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary technicians, and industry professionals!…

Alternative to Holter Monitor

10 Reasons Why the MeasureON! Harness is Right for Your Clinic:

It tracks vitals, so you don’t have to. We know that most days in the clinic are spent working hard taking care of your patients, which is why we created the MeasureON! harness: to make veterinarian’s lives easier. This harness tracks canine:     Temperature   Heart Rate    Respiratory Rate  All Noninvasively!  2. This product is versatile: use during surgery or post-surgically. The MeasureON! Harness also provides a live ECG…