Engineering Part One- The Reality of Creativity

by | Nov 16, 2017


I’m JJ Moritz, the lead technical engineer on the VetMeasure team. Along with my VetMeasure work, I have my own company, Sapien, LLC, which I started while obtaining my Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. I was excited to partner with VetMeasure because it has given me the creative opportunity to develop innovative animal health technology. I work with all members of the VetMeasure team, web developers, product designers, materials engineers, veterinarians, and researchers. Day-to-day, I work on projects that involve testing equipment, performing research with dogs at veterinary facilities, analyzing data, and working with my team to make design decisions.

When Kevin first had the idea of an animal health monitoring device, he did what several companies have done and hired me to engineer a collar that measured dog temperature. After interviewing veterinarians and testing our first collar prototype, we realized to get the best and more meaningful measures for animal health we needed to move into a harness rather than a collar. This is where my team and I got to be creative as we started to venture into uncharted animal health territory. Veterinarians told us the standard data they collect is temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. It has been my job to capture those health indicators from our dogs, through our MeasureON! Harness and onto our app for veterinarians, and veterinary technicians to utilize in the day to day work at animal clinics and hospitals. TPR is great, but I have been sure to keep the classics in our technology as well. VetMeasure’s design collects data on dog temperature, ambient temperature and humidity and dog activity level. With VetMeasure I get to research and explore the latest technologies and incorporate them into making animals healthier and vets and techs a little happier.