Engineering Part Two- The Reality of Creativity

by | Nov 29, 2017


Hi all, JJ, here again, to talk about our harness design and technology. For those of you who don’t know me yet, check out my introductory blog here.

My team at Sapien, LLC has worked on several prototypes for VetMeasure. I previously mentioned that we started with a collar design and quickly realized we were not getting the measurements that veterinarian’s needed, so we moved to a harness design that can record dog temperature, respiratory and heart rate, as well as, ambient temperature and humidity.

One of our first decision was to use medical technology that had already been proven in human and animal medicine. However, many of these sensors use more power that we would have access to on a battery-powered harness and are subject to inaccuracies when motion is involved. Of course, dogs move around, so motion had to be taken into consideration. We adapted the technology to our needs and lowered the power utilized. We continue to look at new ways to use our onboard hardware to get more accurate measurements.

For harness design, we are lucky enough to work with Ruffwear who has been designing gear for dogs since 1994. Ruffwear is passionate about dog comfort and performance, and we are honored to work with them. The VetMeasure MearsureON! Harness is made with not only canine health in mind but also usability for veterinarian and veterinary technicians. I can’t wait for our product to hit a vet office near you! Stay tuned to our blog, twitter, and Facebook for more on VetMeasure and product availability.