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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions:

Are there multiple sizes?

Yes, there are currently three different sizes of the MeasureON! ® canine smart harness. Small (22-27 inches in chest circumference), medium (27-32 inches in chest circumference), and large (32-37 inches in chest circumference). Sizes extra-small and extra-large are expected to be released in 2021.

A tape measure is provided with each purchased harness to ensure users can measure their patients and fit them to the correct size harness for the most accurate measurement of patient vitals.

Do you ship overseas?
Currently, harnesses are only shipped in the United States of America and Canada.
Can you see multiple patients at once?
Yes! Every patient wearing a harness that is connected to the clinic’s Wi-Fi will be seen on the home screen of the patients’ tab. Vitals will even be highlighted in red if they are outside of the pre-set safe ranges.
Does the harness alert you?
Yes, harnesses are capable of alerting you via text message, app notification, email, or on harness alerts. You will get alerted if your patient’s vitals are reported outside of the pre-set safe-ranges set per vital, per patient. We want to ensure you have the quickest response time possible to that patient if their health begins to decline.
How accurate is the harness?
The MeasureON! harness is the most accurate wearable on the market. The harness configuration allows vitals recorded to be more accurate than collars and other wearables on the market. An abstract related to axillary temperature vs rectal temperature was published by Mantel Technologies and presented at the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium in the fall of 2019. The focus of this study was proving the axillary temperature measurement reports within 1 degree of rectal temperature measurements. A copy of this abstract can be obtained by contacting Other vitals have been clinically validated as accurate.
Does each harness need its own subscription?
Yes, each harness needs to be paired with an annual subscription. This subscription allows for unlimited harness use, great customer support, generated patient reports, updates, and access to the VetMeasure mobile app. Subscriptions will need to be renewed annually.

Current Users

What if I do not see data coming through/updating
Items to check if you do not see vitals come through the app would be the check-in time set for your patient(s). This is found in your patient’s “Details” tab. Intervals are pre-set to 20 minutes, therefore, if you would like to see vitals updated more frequently, please change the check-in time to 5 minutes or less. Other items to consider are if you have the correct Wi-Fi credentials or if they were mistyped (case-sensitive). Another item to consider is if the harness’s light was still flashing blue when you pressed “save” after entering credentials. Wi-Fi configuration mode (flashing blue) times out after one minute.
Why are my first temperature values low?
Temperature sensors take up to 5 minutes to warm to the dog’s core body temperature. This is because of the padding the sensors are surrounded by. The first value may seem low, but the core temperature will be reached within the first few harness check-in points.
Why won't my harness turn off?
A few things can cause a harness to remain on. These include; the harness is connected to a patient in the app and/or physically on a dog after use. Disconnect the harness in the app and from the dog, and the harness will shut off within two minutes. If the Wi-Fi connection was lost before disconnecting the harness from the patient in the app, then the harness will remain on, trying to send the last vital taken. A quick fix to this scenario is to plug the harness into the charger, allowing it to power down.
Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting?
Bluetooth is a secondary method of operation and is set to automatically disconnect after two minutes of previously being connected. Unless you want to stream a live ECG graph, you do not need to connect the harness via Bluetooth during regular operation. If your Wi-Fi is working and the credentials were entered correctly, connecting your harness via Bluetooth for TPR is not necessary.
Why can't I see the harness I am trying to connect to my patient in the app?
If you cannot see the harness in the app you are wanting to connect to your patient, then said harness is most likely still “connected” in the app, to the last patient it was used on. Please view your “Active” patients and find the patient that is still connected to the harness you want to use. “Disconnect” the harness from the old patient. This will make the harness available to be “connected” to your new patient. The app does not allow a harness to be connected to more than one patient at a time.
Why is my harness light flashing blue, yet I cannot connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?
It is possible the harness was triggered to reset. This would have happened if the harness was in Wi-Fi configuration mode and the user held down on the button for 20 seconds (three beeps may have been heard during this time). The harness will take approximately one minute to reset before resuming normal operation.
How do I know if my harness is on or off?
If your harness is displaying any light, then it is on. If there is no light displayed for one minute or longer, then the harness is off. Startup and shut down tones are also presented when the harness is turning on or off.
Where do I get the data from a harness being on my patient?
Data is currently available on the web app in a .csv file, however, you can set up patient reports to be generated and sent to you daily by the VetMeasure team. Contact the VetMeasure team to see if you are signed up to receive your patients’ reports. Reports are easily transferable into your patients’ folder.
What is your return policy?
If the harness ends up not being a great fit for you and your clinic, there is thirty-day money back return policy. The thirty-days begins when harnesses are received at the clinic.
How do I contact customer support?
Customer support is available by email at, by phone at 515-296-4243, or by live chat via the website, Support is available during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm Central Time unless an appointment is scheduled.
Are there videos to help answer questions regarding the harness?
Yes! There are currently a few videos to help answer some of the most common questions about the use of the harness. There are more videos in the making. If there is a video that you would like to see that we currently do not have published please contact us at and submit your video request to us and we will be happy to review and create videos accordingly!
Current support videos can be found on the Sydney See/VetMeasure channel on YouTube.
Why does my harness's serial number not come up when I press "Start Scan?"
Please ensure the harness is continuously flashing only blue. If it is go to your Bluetooth/location services is turned on in your mobile device’s settings. To do this go to your mobile device’s settings, find the VetMeasure mobile app, and check to see if Bluetooth/location services are turned on. If on, contact your VetMeasure representative.