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Five Freebies for Veterinary Students

by | Dec 29, 2020

Veterinary school comes with a substantial price tag, but for vet students there are many discounts and free opportunities to take advantage of – in this post, we will outline 5 of them!

Fear Free

Fear Free offers their online veterinary courses free to veterinary students! The material in these courses is written by veterinarians and animal behavior experts. The Fear Free program gives veterinarians and veterinary staff the tools and knowledge they need to help minimize patient stress during travel, and while in all parts of the veterinary hospital. Having relaxed patients is important because it comforts owners, ensures veterinary staff stay safe, and allows the veterinarian to complete their full physical exam. Not only do students gain practical knowledge they can apply immediately, but they also have a certification that can be added to their resume and have access to a job board. Check out the student registration form HERE!



VETgirl provides online RACE-approved veterinary Continuing Education! Annual elite membership is FREE to veterinary students! VETgirl lectures cover a variety of topics relating to small and large animals, leadership, and wellbeing. These lectures can be viewed live or on-demand. Additionally, VETgirl offers Real-Life Rounds once a month, these sessions are live (can be viewed on demand) and are a great way to reinforce what you have learned in the classroom! Furthermore, Elite Members receive a discount when registering for VETgirl U. Learn more about registering HERE


Veterinary Meeting and Expo: VMX

VMX is a popular veterinary continuing education conference for veterinarians across the country. For the second year in a row, VMX is offering veterinary students the opportunity to attend for FREE! VMX 2021 will take place June 5-9th, 2021. Participants can choose to attend virtually or in person in Orland, Florida. Benefits of attending veterinary conferences as a student include networking with veterinarians and company representatives, viewing the job board (as most conferences offer this), and free learning opportunities to help apply your knowledge from the classroom. To learn more and to register to VMX, click HERE!

Many veterinary conferences offer free or discounted registration costs to veterinary students. Additionally, students can look into travel grants that may be available at their university through clubs they are involved in or SAVMA. 


Veterinary Medical Assoc. Membership & Conferences 

Many states will provide free membership to students interested in joining their state’s Veterinary Medical Association. Furthermore, some states will also allow and encourage vet students to attend meetings, conferences, and webinars for free! This enables students to network with local veterinarians, view the job board, and engage in learning opportunities. Visit your state’s Veterinary Medical Association website to register or inquire for more information!


Veterinary Information Network: VIN

The Veterinary Information Network, or VIN, offers veterinary students complimentary membership. VIN has many features including discussion forums, highlights from recently published journal articles, Rounds, online veterinary textbooks, a student section that includes resources for students, and SO MUCH MORE! VIN is a great resource for studying, diving into topics that interest you, and participating in case challenges. An annual VIN Membership is $810 annually, so be sure to take advantage of this great deal!

For more information click HERE.


Bonus: Company Discounts & Lunches

While not always free, many pet food and other companies offer products for free or at a substantial discount to veterinary students! Check with your school’s company representative for upcoming activities, giveaways and discounts to enjoy.