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How Education Has Changed For Vet Student During COVID

by | May 19, 2020

Hi! My name is Katie and I have been a part of the VetMeasure team for nearly 2 years now! I will also be starting my second year of veterinary school at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine this fall! Walking through the doors for orientation last fall, my classmates and I never anticipated that following spring break all of our classes would be moved to online. However, we adapted with great resiliency in the face of this challenge. 

Professors had to quickly adapt their lectures to an online format, most of which were pre-recorded and posted for students to watch remotely. However, some professors opted to lecture live (with recordings posted afterwards). I also had several professors offer group or 1-1 review sessions and office hours over Zoom. All the professors were clearly dedicated to our learning and ensuring students were still presented the appropriate material. 

Study groups and group projects were moved online as well. I personally had several projects for classes, or study groups that continued to meet virtually via video conferencing. It was clear that communication was key in order to schedule these meetings and deadlines were self-set and regulated to ensure work was being completed. 

Mental and physical health remained a priority for the administration at the CVM, as well as Iowa State as a whole. Fitness classes taught by those in the CVM community occurred virtually. Students and staff were encouraged to participate in a virtual 5K, as an annual 5K was cancelled. Wellness resources and inspiring quotes were frequently shared, ensuring everyone was aware of the resources available. 

Personally, I strived to watch the recorded lectures at the same time they were originally scheduled. Keeping a routine helped me stay focused and caught up on classes. I had a great support system of friends and family, with whom I stayed in contact throughout the semester. These connections helped keep me grounded as the whole world was crazy. I also enjoyed outlets such as walking my dog to get some fresh air everyday and working on a puzzle.