MeasureON! Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

by | Aug 15, 2019

The VetMeasure team and MeasureON! models were all smiles and wags last month for our second MeasureON! photoshoot. This summer the VetMeasure team has been busy finalizing our product in preparation for MeasureON!’s commercial launch. With updates to the MeasureON! harness design (check back next week for details on this), updated product photos were also required. 

Meet our Models as we take a peek behind the scenes into VetMeasure’s MeasureON! photoshoot.

Renegade, or “Ren” is a 7 month old Blue Heeler Mix. His chest circumference was 22 inches which fits both the extra small and small harness size. During this photoshoot, he is modeling a small harness. 

A blue heeler mix posing on a white background for a photographer.

Roxanne, or “Roxy” is 1 ½ year old yellow lab. She has a 30 inch chest circumference and is modeling a medium MeasureON! harness. 

A photographer taking a picture of a yellow lab wearing a MeasureON! harness.

Modeling is hard work, but Ren and Roxy found plenty of time for fun and games during the photoshoot. Both pups were frequently bribed with treats encouraging them to stay still. We will be revealing the final photos next week with the MeasureON! updates. 

Thank you to our photographer, Mikayla with M2J Design for photographing MeasureON! on Ren and Roxy.