MeasureON! Soft-Launch Announcement

by | Jun 12, 2018

Mark your calendars; save the date! Get ready to meet MeasureON!

Since our last blog post, the VetMeasure team has been hard at work preparing for our product soft-launch of the MeasureON! canine wearable health monitoring harness on June 19, 2018, at the Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Wellington, CO!

Our mobile app is refined, our harnesses are packaged, and our tablets are charged. Now we are ready to introduce our product to the veterinary profession. For some time we have been collaborating with Dr. Tracey Jensen and her staff at the Wellington Veterinary Hospital (WVH) to validate and advance our harness. You might remember from our previous post that we were able to stream live data from WVH to display at the CSU Demo Day. That live data also played a significant part in our harness validation process. All staff members of WVH have been tremendous assets in helping us to advance MeasureON! to the highest quality product we can offer to veterinarians, and we are so thankful for their input and support. Dr. Jensen personally serves on our Veterinary Advisory Board to ensure VetMeasure is moving in the right direction as a company to positively impact the future of veterinary medicine. You can learn more about Dr. Jensen and WVH by visiting their website.

Be sure to tune in Tuesday, June 19 and connect with us via social media to stay up-to-date on all things VetMeasure. Come back next week for more detailed insight and a reflection on our exciting soft-launch of MeasureON!

A tan mixed breed dog is laying down, facing the camera. A husky is sitting to the right of the first dog. Both dogs are wearing MeasureON! harnesses and looking towards the left.