Pet Safety for Independence Day

by | Jul 3, 2018

The Fourth of July is a time to be celebrated with family and friends, filled with traditions and memories that will last. Our pets are often some of those family members we wish to enjoy the fun activities with. However, with picnics, parades, and firework displays around the corner it is important for all pet owners to remember that this can be a very stressful time for man’s best friend. Below are some of our favorite tips offered by the AVMA that we want you to know, which may help keep your pet safe this Independence Day.


Leave your pet home. Bringing your pet to an unfamiliar place where there are large crowds and strange noises, such as sirens or fireworks, can quickly lead to an anxious pet.


Keep your pet inside. If you know your pet becomes anxious around loud noises, and it is possible that fireworks will be set off near your home, keep your pet in a quiet room. Stay with your anxious pet. Try to make them comfortable and let them know they are safe with you.


Provide current identification. Make sure your pet’s identification tag is attached to their collar and includes your correct contact information so that if someone does need to reach you in an emergency, they can.


Heat can be dangerous. As we are officially in the midst of summer, this is the perfect time to remind you that pets can become overheated quickly, which can lead to other serious health problems. Make sure your pet has access to plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day, as well as shade or shelter when outside to escape the heat.


For a complete list of Fourth of July safety tips, head over to the AVMA site and read the full article.