Veterinarians and owners can monitor an animal’s well-being through real-time data collection.

VetMeasure has developed a health monitoring device for animals in the form of a harness. Our MeasureON! harness is reliable, comfortable and designed to give a complete animal health and well-being profile to be shared between veterinarians and owners to improve and maintain animal health.

The MeasureON! harness design enables the most accurate detection of an animal’s health statistics in real-time for veterinarians and owners to better optimize care and treatment options. MeasureON! monitors a patient’s temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate – along with the environmental temperature and humidity.

Using Bluetooth technology and our web app, veterinarians and owners can access animal health information while in the vet clinic, at home, or away. VetMeasure wants veterinarians and owners to understand the animals they work with and care for every day.

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