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Six Holiday Gift Ideas – Vet Tech Edition

by | Dec 14, 2020

Veterinary technicians are the backbone of veterinary clinics around the country. Since COVID-19 implemented curbside services at many clinics across the country, vet techs have stepped up to the increased workload seen. If you have a vet tech on your holiday shopping list, or if you are a pet parent looking to thank the hardworking support staff at your local veterinary clinic, this list of gift ideas is sure to please!


The entire veterinary team is busy caring for patients from the time they clock-in each morning until they leave. So, dropping off a cookie platter, donuts, or a fruit tray is always enormously appreciated. These delicious treats allow the entire team to grab a quick bite to eat between appointments. 



If you are looking to go big while showing your thanks, consider sending a few pizzas to the clinic so that the entire team can have lunch. Be sure to call ahead in the morning to see how many people are working, as well as the best time for pizzas to be delivered (some clinics have everyone take a break at once, while others stagger lunch breaks). 


Hand Lotion 

Much of the work behind the scenes in veterinary clinics isn’t glamorous. With the various tasks completed by vet techs, they must wash their hands a lot between patients, cleaning kennels, and washing dishes. The frequent washing and cleaning chemicals often leave veterinary professionals’ hands dry, especially during the winter months. Therefore, some nice, moisturizing lotion makes a great gift. 



Vet techs work long, busy days, then get up to do it all over again! A Starbucks gift card or coffee beans would make a great gift. If you are looking to give something a little more personalized, an insulated mug with their name on it is a great option.


Bandage Scissors

We all have that one thing used in our profession that everyone must use and often has. A cute pair of bandage scissors is always a popular gift item for vet techs to receive! Consider choosing a pair of scissors with a fun pattern on the handles, so they are less likely to get mixed up with someone else’s in the workplace.


Massage Gift Certificate

Veterinary technicians are regularly lifting patients and bending or crouching in awkward angles to best comfort and restrain patients to keep their co-workers safe. A gift certificate for a massage will help them relax and loosen any tense muscles they have due to the restraint on the body.

Bonus for Pet Parents: Consider turning your show of appreciation into a fun game! Count a large number of M & M’s (or other small objects), then put them into a clear container. Have clinic team members guess how many M & M’s are in the box, and whoever is closest wins the gift! This game would work best with a gift card or a fun, themed gift basket.