Smart Collars vs. MeasureOn!

by | Jul 31, 2020

Learn the difference between what generic smart collars can do for your pet and the ultimate veterinarian care product, MeasureON!

Pet ownership has been on the rise for several years, with over 67% of U.S. households having at least one pet in 2019. In addition to the increase of pet ownership, pet owners are spending more now than ever before on their furry friends. From dog strollers to smart collars, our world is evolving when it comes to caring for our pets.

What is a Smart Collar?

Smart collars are an upgraded version of your ordinary collar that allows pet owners to track, check, and treat their pets remotely or around the corner through a mobile device. The vast majority of these smart collars use Fit-Bit like technology and can be beneficial to ensure your dog is getting adequate exercise to stay healthy.

Note: Smart collar’s capabilities are dependent on the brand and its accessibility.

Why Have a Smart Collar?

Changes in your dog’s activity level, tracked by smart collar devices, can indicate significant health changes. Additionally, some products advertise the capability to record activity-related patterns, including licking, itching, and which side they rest on most. These trends, often noticed by observant pet owners, can indicate various health concerns that contact your veterinarian to discuss.

Benefits of MeasureON! That Outweigh Generic Smart Collars

MeasureON! is a veterinary-grade product, enabling veterinary professionals to continuously monitor critical care patients, or those recovering from anesthesia within the comfort of their own home. With its many features, MeasureON! provides the most optimal and best care for your pet. These features include:

Harness Configuration: Unlike many other pet wearables, MeasureON! has an easy to use harness configuration, which allows the tracking of vital health metrics remotely.

Mobile and Web App: Through VetMeasure’s mobile and web apps, your pet’s temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate data are automatically updated for you and your veterinarian to view from anywhere!

Relative Activity Levels: MeasureON! monitors a dog’s relative activity level; this allows owners to know how active their dog is while they are at work. Meaning you can leave them with ease, knowing you will still be able to keep tabs on their healthy habits at home.

Axillary Temperature: A dog’s axillary (underarm region) temperature is regularly recorded and an acceptable measurement in the veterinary space. However, it is not the same and may slightly differ from that of a rectal temperature but still provides a valid and professionally recognized value. On the other hand, a limited number of smart collars advertise as offering health metrics beyond activity and behavior tracking. These devices often report temperature quantitatively, rather than providing an exact data point.

Harness Configuration: Unlike many other pet wearables, MeasureON! has an easy to use harness configuration, which allows the tracking of vital health metrics remotely and more adequately. The natural limitations of a collar-design mean the temperature is not being recorded from an industry-standard location in most generic smart collars. MeasureON! surrounds the dog’s thoracic cavity, encircling their heart and lungs. This enables the sensors recording heart rate and respiratory rate to be placed over the vital organs, similar to where a veterinarian would listen to these organs with a stethoscope. 

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The Answer to Your Pets Needs

MeasureON! can be used at home – following surgery, on pets with a heart murmur, or as pets adjust to a medication change – just to name a few examples! Additionally, this information can be beneficial to share with your veterinarian through a telehealth visit. 

The benefits of MeasureON! over a generic smart-collar activity tracker are clear. MeasureON! monitors the same vital metrics your veterinarian records at every visit; in the same location, your veterinary measures them. You, as a pet owner, can have the same technology in your household that is being used in veterinary clinics across the United States and Canada to better care for your pet.