Socializing Dog’s During & After Covid-19

by | Jan 7, 2021

We have all been at a time this past year that it has been difficult for us to socialize with one another! But, can you imagine what it has been like for our pet’s? They have gotten to see us more this year than ever before with work from home capabilities. However, because they have seen us more and more they probably have seen less of other animals they care to spend time with.


In a way our pet’s were clueless to the spectrum of what took place during the pandemic. They understand we are home more often than not now, we may have different emotions than usual and they are cognizant of such changes. But, they most likely don’t understand the why behind all these changes. Now that there is a vaccine for Covid-19 it is likely that we will have more opportunities to get back to “normalcy” within the next 6 months. With that being said though, it is important to ease your pet back into society.


To start getting back to normalcy start with a routine. Get back in the groove of things by scheduling out your day and the day of your pet to what it would be if you were back to work full-time in office. Below we have some tips and tricks of the best ways to start socializing your dog back into the society they best know, an adventurous one!


Go for Walks

Take your dog around the block, you can still interact with neighbors from afar and spend that extra time outdoors. This will allow them to get some exercise in and you to see some various scenery. Although, this is something you may already do, add intention by scheduling it out to create a better routine into your pet’s life.


Take a Car Ride

Sometimes, your pup’s favorite places can be farther than a walk around the block. In that case, let your dog see familiar scenery from the car. This will bring back memories of times you went for adventures around town and we all know most dog’s love sticking their head out the window anyways. 


Plan a Doggy Date

We know it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to exert themselves and their pet straight back into the dog park, but consider meeting up with a closer friend and their dog for a socially distanced walk and talk. This allows your dog to have some interaction with another and ease back into social environments.


Participate in Doggy Daycare

As you start to spend more time at the office, your pet may be spending more time in their kennel than they are now used to. Look around your community for a local doggy daycare and utilize them 2-3 days a week. This will allow your pet to not only have fun but decrease their anxiety as you return to work.


Time Away

Although you may love having your dog by your side while working it is important to get them back to spending time in their kennel. Have them spend a certain amount of time everyday away from you starting with minimal time and maximizing by the time you head back to the office.