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Take-Aways from the Veterinary Innovation Summit

by | Oct 2, 2019

Last week two members from the VetMeaure team had the opportunity to travel to the Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) in Fort Collins, Colorado. This summit is dedicated to innovations and improvements in animal health. Not only did we have the opportunity to show off MeasureON!; we also had a chance to experience continuing education sessions with practicing veterinarians, startup companies, and other industry leaders. One of the critical topics discussed is the lack of technology present in the industry due to the time constraints present at vet practices. Many of the technological advances in the veterinary industry are 18-30 years behind human medicine, causing a gap in the market. We know that our MeasureON! harness can help fill this void and pave the way for technological advancements in veterinary medicine. During this conference, our CEO, Kevin Maher, was encouraged about the future of VetMeasure’s MeasureON! harness in the industry. “I was able to visit with all three Veterinary College Deans that participated at VIS and discussed with many industry leaders. This was a conference where we received a variety of valuable input from practicing veterinarians. These veterinarians have a sincere interest in learning more about VetMeasure’s MeasureON! technology, especially with our initial product created for improving canine health metric monitoring within veterinary practices.”