VetMeasure, infrastructure for animal health 

Maher Technologies, LLC, is focused on technology transfer from academia to commercialization within animal health, veterinary medicine, and the validation and enhancement of new technologies in the field. The company hopes to create an IT infrastructure that supports product launch and expansion, as well as providing consulting and advisory services to animal health and veterinary medicine businesses related to IT and regulatory.

Kevin Maher


Kevin founded Maher Technologies, LLC, in September 2014 with the hope to create an IT infrastructure that supports animal health products, and consulting and advisory services to animal health and veterinary medicine businesses related to IT. From Maher Technologies, VetMeasure and the MeasureON! animal health monitoring harness was born. Kevin is located in VetMeasure’s primary office at Iowa State University Research Park. Kevin has 30+ years of experience in the animal health industry and the veterinary profession; he has established working relationships with State and Federal animal health officials across the nation.

Katelyn Gregory


Katelyn has been with the VetMeasure team since January, 2016. She is currently enrolled in her first year of veterinary school at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Katelyn is passionate about the agriculture industry and hopes to one day work in a mixed veterinary practice where she can help both pet owners and farmers care for their animals. She loves getting to spoil and play with her dog Jack each time she goes home to visit.

Mallory Gage


Mallory has been working with VetMeasure since 2016. As founder of Gage Group Consulting, LLC, an agriculture consulting firm, she brings her animal science expertise, industry knowledge, and understanding of the veterinary client patient relationship to the VetMeasure team. VetMeasure has allowed Mallory to mix a passion for dogs and the livestock industry, bringing science and technology to preserve animal health. Mallory lives in Denver, CO with her husband and number one pup, Remy.

Katie Hamilton


Katie joined the VetMeasure Team in August 2018. She is beginning her senior year at Iowa State University, where she is majoring in Biology and will obtain a Certificate in Leadership Studies. Katie hopes attend veterinary school after graduating, with the goal of working with small animals in private practice or through a shelter.  She is pictured with her two dogs, Molly (chocolate lab) and Sparki (terrier mix).

JJ Moritz


JJ has been working with VetMeasure since 2015. As a founding partner of Sapien LLC, he brings his experience in the laboratory and his skills in rapid prototyping to the team. For JJ, working directly with veterinarians and their staff to develop a product that suits their needs has been a great experience. JJ lives in Fort Collins, CO with his girlfriend of five years and their cuddly cat Furi.

Tori Scharfenkamp


Tori just began working with the VetMeasure team in August 2018. She is currently a student at Iowa State University with a major in Animal Science and will be graduating in December this year. Tori is very passionate about every aspect of the agriculture industry, especially animal agriculture. After graduation, her goal is to continue working in the agriculture industry to optimize the overall health and well-being of animals. She enjoys spending time with friends, and helping out at her family farm.