The MeasureON!® harness integrates seamlessly into your veterinary practice.


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Have you thought about the latest way of improving your practice’s patient recovery? 

Inside a busy practice of caring for multiple patients, managing your practice and personnel, mentoring veterinary students, and addressing client needs, you may not have heard about the latest release into the market. VetMeasure offers a unique technology solution for your practice to ensure patient vitals are always being recorded.  

VetMeasure is excited to announce the release of MeasureON!® Our technology enables improvement of animal care within your veterinary practice. The unique harness design of MeasureON! integrates seamlessly in your practice, providing continuous, non-invasive, real-time capture of temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and activity level.  It also has the ability to record environmental temperature and humidity for heat stress warnings. 

MeasureON! is easy to set up and implement, is flame retardant, able to be sanitized, and is comfortable. With these features, you can better manage multiple patients within your practice and provide meaningful, objective data on your patients of concern, such as surgical recovery, critical care, ill-case, or even obese or brachycephalic dogs with heat stress.  

While MeasureON! measures, it’s recording real-time animal health data, where veterinarians and staff can access this data from VetMeasure’s web application on a cell phone, tablet, or computer. With pre-set alerts per patients, you will be notified if a dog leaves their personalized ‘safe ranges.’