The MeasureON!TM harness integrates seamlessly into your veterinary practice.


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Today’s veterinarians are “on the go.” Modern veterinarians are caring for animals, managing practices and personnel, participating in associations, mentoring veterinary students, and working with pet owners. Animal health comes first and VetMeasure’s MeasureON!TM harness is designed to integrate seamlessly into your veterinary practice.

Harnesses are easy to use and set up, flame retardant, able to be sanitized, and comfortable. Put MeasureON! on a dog recovering from surgery or a sick dog at your practice and take pressure off your staff as the harness records the dog’s key health statistics while including the environmental temperature and humidity in your practice. MeasureON! monitors temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and dog activity level. With these features, you can better manage conditions such as animal pain, obesity, and heat stress in brachycephalic dogs.

While MeasureON! collects real-time animal health data, veterinarians and their staff can access information from VetMeasure’s web application on a cell phone, tablet, or computer and set alerts to be notified if a dog leaves their personalized “safe ranges.” VetMeasure is committed to science. We have and will continue to work with veterinary teaching hospitals to test our product and publish studies on VetMeasure’s technology and accuracy.