What is MeasureON!? 

by | Aug 3, 2021

What is MeasureON!? 

VetMeasure Inc.® was started with a goal to ‘harness your patients’ health.’ With this goal, MeasureON!® was created to help veterinary clinics solve the inconsistent monitoring of hospitalized and recovering patients. Veterinary professionals can now remotely obtain Temperature, Heart Rate, and Respiratory Rate (TPR). This is while also being alerted to changes in patient health status during recovery. This blog answers the question of what is MeasureON!?

The MeasureON! smart harness is unique, reliable, comfortable. It is also designed to alert veterinarians when a canines’ vital signs enter a critical state. This is to help prevent further sickness or disease. Animal health is VetMeasure’s top priority. That is why MeasureON! gives a complete well-being profile. A profile that can be shared between the veterinarian and the pet owner in times of concern. Harnessing your patients’ health is not just something that VetMeasure says, we fully believe in it. 

Use-Cases for MeasureON!

Remote Monitoring Dog Harness

Today, monitoring methods typically rely heavily on manual measurements of temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate in the veterinary industry. These methods are effective but increase the stress of the patient. There are new methods used today that can lower the stress of your patients and increase the efficiency in your clinic

MeasureON! is one of those methods created. It allows veterinary professionals to have consistent access to vitals during a patient’s visit. Furthermore, MeasureON! can also be used on a patient while they are recovering at home. VetMeasure embraces the goal of veterinary professionals to provide the highest quality of care.

Pre & Post- Anesthesia Care

Before, and especially after, anesthesia is the most critical time in a patient’s life. So, it is important to provide the best care possible to them. Additionally, MeasureON! aids this time in their lives by collecting health measurements throughout the entire process.

Consistent vital monitoring during critical periods of hospitalization is important. For example, it can help determine when heat support can be removed to avoid hypothermia. It can also eliminate the several minutes it takes to obtain rectal temperatures and other vital measurements. This would also, in fact, lower the stress of the animal post-operation. Rectal temperatures also often take two staff members if the patient is uncooperative. MeasureON! eliminates this by having the harness collect consistent data on temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate.  

Critical Patients

Patients that come into the veterinary hospital while in critical condition need around-the-clock monitoring. When clips and cords are hanging from the patient, it is harder to work around. Additionally, this can cause inefficiencies in inpatient care. Staff members are also busy with other patients besides that one. This means they are not always able to monitor the patient in critical condition. 

Have you had a patient ever come in that just experienced serious trauma? Say you received a call that one of your patients just got hit by a car. They will need around-the-clock monitoring. Possibly for days post-accident. They will definitely need surgery and the use of anesthesia. MeasureON! is designed to help monitor patients like this one. It is designed to ensure the safest and quickest recovery possible. 

MeasureON! is used to monitor patients such as the one described above. This is to ensure the safest and quickest recovery possible for them. Also, it allows staff to watch that patient through the mobile app while still tending to other patients in the hospital. It also serves as an ECG monitor on patients with concerns for arrhythmias.

Overnight Monitoring

Does your location sometimes keep patients overnight for extra monitoring? Overnight monitoring can be limited if you are recording vitals manually. Oftentimes staff is limited. This means patients may not be getting the same level of care they do throughout the daytime. MeasureON! allows for monitoring of patients without staff having to spend time obtaining vitals (TPR) manually.

Even with fewer staff members on hand, your hospital can monitor patients with the same level of care. MeasureON! can allow staff to monitor from home if you do not keep staff in the hospital overnight. Therefore the smart harness will alert the staff member if they need to go to the clinic and assist the patient. 

Heart Monitor for Dogs

Out-of-Sight Monitoring 


Hospitals often have recovery kennels, or wards, out-of-sight from their main work area. Therefore, keeping consistent monitoring on patients that are out of sight helps predict a problem before it is too late. Patients that are hospitalized during the day for monitoring also benefit from close monitoring. This is to evaluate for a response to treatment or worsening of a condition. 

Other Use-Cases

Other use cases for MeasureON! in your hospital include the following. 

  • Monitoring in ICU and Treatment Areas where veterinary professional staff is located. 
  • Clients that prefer an added layer of comfort for their pet when monitoring at home. This is especially beneficial in the first 24 hours following discharge from the hospital following a procedure. 



MeasureON! measures a dog’s core body temperature in the axillary region. The harness has exceptional contact between the temperature sensors and the skin because of the limited hair in the area. 

The benefits of MeasureON! smart harness for collecting temperature includes the following:

  • MeasureON! is highly accurate when compared to other, more invasive, and traditional temperature check methods.
  • The temperature sensors are highly advanced. This means they can quickly provide information to veterinary healthcare providers on the dog’s internal condition.
  • MeasureON! can even provide alerts directly to veterinary healthcare providers.
  • MeasureON!’s temperature recordings have been validated by veterinary professionals.

MeasureON! uses eight separate active temperature sensors. Moreover, this design allows for accurate monitoring of a dog’s core body temperature. There are four sensors on either side of the harness. They are located in the left and right armpit regions. This ensures the harness provides the most accurate temperature readings possible. 

The temperature sensors are placed inside the angled pieces of the harness. The harnesses are created with insulation. This is to greatly reduce the chances of temperature being affected by outside sources. These sensors are connected to durable, sturdy elastic straps to keep them in place. 

Heart Rate 

MeasureON! can also measure the heart rate of your patient. It uses two high-tech sensors to provide automatic heart rate monitoring for its patients. After the monitor is fitted properly. The sensors will sit on the lateral sides of the chest and rib cage. This is the optimal position to measure a dog’s heart rate. 

As the electrodes come into contact with the dog’s skin, small combs maneuver through the fur to measure accurately. Because of the MeasureON! material is flexible, the harness doesn’t have to match the dog’s chest shape exactly. The information gathered by this aspect of the harness will create a live-stream ECG. Equally, this makes monitoring of the canine’s heart rate more consistent. 

The harness: 

  • Does not require dogs to be shaved to provide accurate readings of heart rate.
  • Uses hypoallergenic gel for conductivity which can be substituted by isopropyl alcohol for short-term use.
  • The live-stream ECG allows vets to make accurate decisions in real-time.
  • The Bluetooth connection allows the stream to be viewed from up to 20 feet away.
  • The Wi-Fi connection allows vitals to be recorded and viewed from any location.

Heart Rate monitoring is particularly critical with geriatric patients. One of your patients in the hospital is older but in need of having a tumor removed from their body. MeasureON! assists monitoring Heart Rate for these patients. Often times geriatric patients are at an increased risk for Valvular Heart Diseases, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Pericardial Diseases, Arrhythmias, and Systemic Hypertension. MeasureON! Provides consistent monitoring for geriatric patients that are at higher risk. 

Respiratory Rate

MeasureON! was designed to augment veterinary care for dogs both in and outside the clinic. This aspect of the harness allows veterinary professionals to gain a better understanding of improved patient outcomes. 

The benefits of this feature on the harness are: 

  • Multiple sizes are available, allowing vets to easily tailor the right monitor to the right patient, ensuring the sensors have solid contact.
  • The Wi-Fi connection allows you to record respiratory rate from anywhere.
  • The Bluetooth system works up to 20 feet away.
  • With automated information, vets have access to more information in a shorter period, allowing them to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Relative Activity Level

Activity level in a dog post-surgery provides insight into the recovery process and success of the surgery. MeasureON!’s intuitive accelerometer is located inside the top of the harness. Therefore, it provides consistent activity tracking to help veterinary staff and pet owners monitor red flags during the recovery of the patient. 

While this harness is not intended to be used as active dog wear, MeasureON! will report a relative activity reading. This reports and informs if a low activity is recorded. A slow walk is reported as a medium level. Likewise, jumping, trotting, or running would report a high activity level. 

Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Throughout the advanced sensors, MeasureON! detects and reports the environmental conditions. This includes both ambient temperature and humidity. Detecting ambient conditions helps provide veterinary professionals with a bigger picture of the dog’s recovery environment. It also helps to make accurate decisions about the care of their patients. 

Having the ambient conditions monitored provides: 

  • Proactive warnings related to the environmental conditions such as the possibility of heatstroke
  • Proactive warnings related to the environmental conditions such as the possibility of heatstroke

So, What is MeasureON!

The MeasureON! smart harness is unique, reliable, comfortable, and designed to alert veterinarians when a canines’ vital signs enter a critical state. This is to help prevent further sickness or disease. Today, monitoring methods rely heavily on manual measurements of temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate in the veterinary industry. We hope that this blog has been insightful and taught you more about what MeasureON! is and why it is important to the veterinary industry.