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Harness Your Patients’ Health

No longer disrupt your recovering patients, monitor vitals remotely with MeasureON!

VetMeasure understands the commitment that veterinarians dedicate to their patients and the commitment that pet owners have for their pets’ health, which is why we developed and released MeasureON!

Current Pain Points in The Clinic

  • Invasive, inconsistent, manual, unreliable measurements of patient vitals
  • The patient has to be disrupted from recovering post-surgery to take these measurements

How MeasureON! Can Help

  • Remotely monitor patients so less stress is induced during the recovery time
  • Get alerted if patients breach the pre-set safe ranges that can be set per vital
Let MeasureON! Work For You

New Level Of Care

MeasureON! is the first smart harness for dogs that tracks vitals or streams a live ECG graph instantly. This solves the inconsistent monitoring of post-anesthetic patients for veterinarians because professionals can now remotely obtain TPR and be alerted to changes in patient recovery without having to disrupt the patient.

MeasureON! also allows pet owners to easily monitor their pets from home and have a better understanding if their pet is not feeling well.

Post-surgical monitoring of all patients as it is one of the most critical times in their life

Use MeasureOn! to help post-surgical monitoring of patients that had complications during surgery, heart arrhythmia patients & patients with existing health conditions that undergo surgery
Tools for Care

The Features

How the MeasureON! harness can attribute to a calm and safe canine assessment.

Monitor More & Worry Less

The VetMeasure mobile and web app allow veterinary professionals or pet owners to track their dog’s health in real-time.

MeasureON! automatically measures a dog’s:

Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Activity Level
This gives you automatic access to your dog’s vitals, eliminating current inconsistent, manual monitoring methods. Pet owners are also better able to share their pet’s health virtually with their trusted veterinary professionals.

Heart Rate and ECG

MeasureON!’s ECG screening and continuous heart rate monitoring function provides accurate heart rate reports so you can be at ease and worry less.


Ambient Conditions

MeasureON!, the unique AI-powered dog health monitor provides vets and pet owners with essential information about the pet’s environment, giving vets a fuller picture of a recovering pet’s overall state.


Respiratory Rate

MeasureON’s innovative design and AI-powered respiratory rate measurement feature provide industry-standard accuracy without being invasive.



MeasureON!’s automated, AI Temperature screening system can rapidly and accurately measure a dog’s core body temperature.


Relative Activity Level

MeasureON!’s innovative, AI relative activity level monitor measures a dog’s activity level remotely and continuously so you can have an update on recovery and health stats around the clock.

Canine Smart Health Harness

The MeasureON! canine smart harness has many sensors to provide the most accurate vital metrics.

Temperature: 8 sensors
Heart Rate/ECG: 3 sensors
Respiratory Rate: 4 sensors
Sensors to record ambient conditions

The smart harness sensors include both WIfi and Bluetooth connections, and are supported with long-lasting battery power.

What our Veterinarians have to say:

"I believe the MeasureON! harnesses stand out in the veterinary space, as a wearable, because they are better able to withstand patient movement and continue to provide accurate data."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"I can see the MeasureON! harnesses having a fit in every vet hospital, and definitely having a fit in ours."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"The MeasureON! harnesses do exactly what they are intended for and provide spot on accurate measurements of patient vitals. Utilizing these harnesses to monitor our postoperative patients has been beneficial, not only to our team, but also to our patients."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"Being able to put a VetMeasure harness on a dog who is extra sleepy, or had been sedated, helps me monitor these patients better because I can set alerts for their heart rate and be notified if their heart rate drops too low."

- Patient Recovery Lead, Auburn, AL

"If a patient has ECG arrhythmias during surgery, I use MeasureON! during recovery to stream live ECG intervals to continuously monitor that patient's heart and health."

- Patient Recovery Lead, Auburn, AL

"Being able to remotely obtain TPR on post op recovery patients and being alerted to changes in their recovery without having to disrupt the patient is the biggest pain point MeasureON! solves."

-Dr. Tracey Jensen, Wellington Veterinary Hospital, Wellington, CO

Let MeasureON! Work For You

Stay Alert With MeasureON!

With MeasureON! we focus on comfort and complete transparency of your dog’s health at all times. We help veterinary professionals and pet owners obtain health measurements instantly with a simple Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Patient alerts can be pre-set per vital so you have the quickest response time to a change in your patients’ health.

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