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Automated Ambient Conditions

Automated Ambient Conditions Provide a Full Picture of a Pet’s Environment

MeasureON! ®, the unique AI-powered dog health monitor provides vets and pet owners with essential information about the pet’s environment, giving vets a fuller picture of a recovering pet’s overall state.

Ambient Temperature & Humidity Monitoring for Complete Care

MeasureON! uses an advanced network of sensors that detects and reports the environmental conditions around the dog, including ambient temperature and humidity. Along with vital signs, ambient temperature and humidity level measurements provide vets with a bigger picture of a pet’s recovery environment. This can provide vets with a better picture of a pet’s recovery and help make accurate decisions regarding the care of their patients.

How MeasureON!’s Automated Ambient Conditions Monitoring Improves Patient Care

Every vet and pet owner has one thing in mind: the best possible care for their pet or patient. The MeasureON! health monitoring app and harness allow for live, continuous monitoring of a pet in their own environment, giving veterinary professionals insights that can be critical in monitoring recovering pets.

Benefits MeasureON!’s ambient conditions monitoring include:

  • Proactive recordings related to the environmental conditions such as the possibility of heatstroke
  • Proactive recordings related to the environmental conditions such as the possibility of heat stress
Rely on the MeasureON! ambient conditions monitoring system to improve the efficiency of your veterinary clinical practice. With quicker decisions, MeasureON! can make a positive difference in the clinical outcomes of patients.
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MeasureON!’s Powerful Health Monitoring Features

MeasureON! has been designed to fit dogs perfectly, lining up the sensors to provide accurate, industry-standard measurements.

Accurate and consistent readings of these key vitals provide veterinarians and pet owners with the peace of mind they need. The mobile app can even provide warnings for readings that are out of range! Some of the added benefits include the fully automated system, compact design, and instant notifications and alerts.

MeasureON! provides accurate measurements of:


Respiratory Rate

Relative Activity Level

Heart Rate / Live ECG

Improve Operational Efficiency & Enhance Patient Care with MeasureON!’s Health Monitoring System

If you would like to learn more about the MeasureON! health monitoring system from VetMeasure ®, get a free demo today, and experience the endless benefits for yourself!

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