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Pet Activity Monitor

Medical Dog Activity Tracker & Monitor for Enhanced Care

MeasureON!’s ® innovative, AI relative activity level monitor measures a dog’s activity level remotely and consistently so you can have an update on recovery and health stats around the clock.

MeasureON!’s Dog Activity Tracker & Monitor Helps Veterinary Professionals Track Recovery Progress

The activity level tracking in a dog, post-surgery, provides insights into the recovery process and success of the surgery itself. MeasureON!’s intuitive accelerometer, located inside the top of the harness, provides consistent activity tracking to help vets and pet owners monitor for red flags during the recovery process. While the harness is not intended to be used as active dog wear, the MeasureON! system will report low activity levels if the module does not detect a lot of movement. A slow walk, for example, will report a medium activity level while jumping, trotting, or running, will report a high activity level.

A Dog Activity Monitor App That’s Simple to Understand & Keeps Recovery on Track

Whether a patient is recovering from a routine procedure or a more delicate procedure, it’s important for veterinarians and pet owners to adhere to prescribed care to ensure proper recovery and prevent complications.

MeasureON! helps both vets and pet owners be aware of activity levels to ensure recovery stays on track including:

  • Overly high activity levels – If dogs are moving too quickly, for example, they can risk rupturing stitches, further prolonging the recovery process. Having this information available, allows vets to work with pet owners to make care adjustments and keep recovery on track.
  • The MeasureON! system provides automated information that can shorten the amount of time it takes vets to make decisions related to the care of their patients.
  • Comparing a relative activity level to other key health metrics can also provide more insight of the dog’s health status.

Thanks to continuous metrics available through the VetMeasure ® app, vets and pet owners can ensure enhanced patient outcomes through better decisions.

automatic heart rate monitoring device for dogs

Improve Patient Care with Powerful Health Monitoring from MeasureON!

MeasureON! has been designed to fit dogs perfectly, lining up the sensors to provide accurate, industry-standard measurements.

Accurate and consistent readings of these key vitals provide veterinarians and pet owners with the peace of mind they need. MeasureON!’s fully automated system, compact design, and instant notifications and alerts are ideal for improving clinic efficiency and patient care.

MeasureON! provides accurate measurements of:

Activity Temp Monitoring


Activity Monitoring

Respiratory Rate

Heart Activity Monitoring

Heart Rate / Live ECG

Activity Tracking and Monitoring

Ambient Conditions

Enhance Your Clinic with MeasureON!’s Powerful Health Tracking & Monitoring Features

If you would like to learn more about the MeasureON! monitoring system from VetMeasure, get a free demo today, and experience the endless benefits for yourself!
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