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Respiratory Rate Detection

Reliable, Automated Respiratory Rate Detection

MeasureON’s ® innovative design and AI-powered respiratory rate measurement feature provide industry-standard accuracy without being invasive.

MeasureON! Delivers Respiratory Rate Monitor Helps You Make Real-Time Patient Health Decisions

MeasureON! uses four separate respiratory rate sensors on each harness (two sensors on the extra small harness) that sit underneath the animal so that it has solid contact with the chest. The sensors measure the dog’s chest expansion and report the readings to the VetMeasure ® mobile app. Vets can also set alerts for each vital sign, including respiratory rate, that will let them know if the patient’s vital signs are outside of the normal range. The alert will communicate not only the number but also let you know if the respiratory rate is too high or too low. This allows vets and pet owners to make decisions in real-time thanks to efficient, automated readings on the patient’s respiratory rate.

How MeasureON!’s Dog Respiratory Rate Monitoring App Improves Patient Care

MeasureON! is designed to augment veterinary care for dogs in and outside of the clinic. Real-time canine respiratory rate monitoring allows vets and pet owners to have a better understanding of a pet’s recovery for improved patient outcomes.

Other benefits of our respiratory rate monitoring feature include:

  • Multiple sizes available, allowing vets to easily tailor the right monitor to the right patient, ensuring the sensors have solid contact
  • The Wi-Fi connection allows you to record respiratory rate from anywhere
  • The Bluetooth system works up to 20 feet away
  • With automated information, vets have access to more information in a shorter period of time, allowing them to make faster and more accurate decisions
The MeasureON! respiratory rate monitoring feature provides reliable, actionable data that can improve the efficiency of animal care.
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All of MeasureON!’s Health Monitor Features

MeasureON! has been designed to fit dogs perfectly, lining up the sensors to provide accurate, industry-standard measurements without being invasive.

Accurate and consistent readings of these key vitals provide veterinarians and pet owners with the peace of mind they need. The mobile app can even provide warnings for readings that are outside of pre-set safe-ranges. Some of the added benefits include the fully automated system, compact design, and instant notifications and alerts.

MeasureON! also provides accurate measurements of:


Respiratory Rate

Relative Activity Level

Ambient Conditions

Enhance Your Clinic with Patient Recovery with Tracking & Monitoring from MeasureON!

If you would like to learn more about the MeasureON! monitoring system from VetMeasure, get a free demo today, and experience the endless benefits for yourself!
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