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VetMeasure strives to provide veterinary professionals and pet owners with not only helpful patient monitoring tools, but also great resources. These resources can be utilized at the vet clinic or at the home of the pet. Feel free to use and download our free resources below. Also, as always, feel free to schedule time with us to learn more about our canine vitals monitor.



Axillary temperature measurements are commonly used as an alternative to rectal temperature measurements in dogs. However, there is disagreement in the veterinary community about the validity of using axillary measurements as a proxy for rectal measurements. This is because published research often reports lower axillary temperatures compared to rectal temperatures. Therefore, statistically significant differences between rectal and axillary measurements, and unacceptable variability in measurement data.


Marketing Tips

Every practice is a bit different when it comes to accessibility and modernization. However, communication is always key to creating change. Learn new ways to communicate with this infographic.


It can be scary for first-time pet owner’s when their beloved dog has surgery. Use the infographic below to highlight ways to prepare and care for them. 

Helping New Puppy Owners

Help ease the mind of new pet owners using the information below. 

First Aid Kits

Check out these tips for helping pet owners decide to put in an On the Go first aid kit. 

Post-Op Monitoring

Post-Op monitoring is one of the most important times of a pet’s life. Ensure you know what to do with this easy to follow infographic.

New Puppy
First-Time Surgery
First Aid Kits

Post Surgery Recovery Guides

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