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Canine Temperature Monitor

Rapid, Accurate Temperature Detection Capabilities

MeasureON!’s ® automated, AI Temperature screening system can accurately measure a dog’s core body temperature and rapidly provide alerts.

Why Veterinarians Love MeasureON!’s Temperature Monitoring Feature

MeasureON! has been designed to measure a dog’s core body temperature in the axillary region. In fact, there is limited hair in this area, providing it with exceptional contact between the temperature sensors and the skin.

Some of the benefits of MeasureON! include:

  • MeasureON! is highly accurate when compared to other wearable temperature reporting methods
  • The sensors are highly advanced and quickly provide information to healthcare providers on the dog’s internal condition
  • MeasureON! can even provide alerts directly to healthcare providers
  • MeasureON!’s temperature reporting has been validated by veterinary professionals

How Does the MeasureON! Health Monitoring Harness Work?

The MeasureON! harness design uses eight separate active temperature sensors to monitor a dog’s core body temperature. There are four sensors on either side (left & right armpit regions) of this unique harness, ensuring the harness will provide the most accurate temperature readings possible.

The sensors are placed inside the angled pieces of the harness and are connected to durable, sturdy elastic straps to keep them in place.

The angled pieces of the harness are created with insulation that greatly reduces the chance of temperate being affected by an outside source. However, harnesses will warn you if they sense temperature readings may be affected by a non-biological source.

With this insulation, MeasureON! temperature readings may take a few minutes to report the core temperature of the patient. After the first few temperature recordings, the harness will report measurements within one degree of digital rectal thermometer temperature recordings.

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MeasureON! Is Ideal for Monitoring Recovering Dogs

There are numerous situations where reliable, steady temperature readings from MeasureON! are not just nice to have, but also critical to ensure proper recovery in canine patients.

It’s especially useful for monitoring vitals post-surgical procedures such as:

Spay and neuter operations

Dental extractions

Repairing skin lacerations

Incision and drainage operations involving abscesses

Removing kidney stones and bladder blockages

Surgical procedures involving benign growth removal, tumor
removal, orthopedic surgical procedures (including CCL repairs and fracture repairs), splenectomies, and osteotomies

  • The MeasureON! harness system can be used to monitor the recovery process of a canine patient and alert you if the patient becomes hyperthermic, hypothermic, or if another issue may present itself during the recovery process. MeasureON! is especially critical to use post-anesthesia if there were signs of hyperthermia or hypothermia during anesthesia.

MeasureON! Pet Vitals & Health Monitoring Features

MeasureON! has been designed to fit dogs perfectly, lining up the sensors with the axillary region of the dog. In addition to providing accurate, industry-standard (within one degree of digital rectal thermometer temperature readings), axillary temperature measurements.

Accurate and consistent readings of these key vitals provide veterinarians and pet owners with the peace of mind they need. The VetMeasure ® mobile app can even provide warnings for readings that are out of range. Some of the added benefits include the fully automated system, compact design, and instant notifications and alerts.

MeasureON! can also provide information on:

Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Ambient Conditions
Activity Level

Enhance Your Clinic with Patient Recovery with Tracking & Monitoring from MeasureON!

If you would like to learn more about the MeasureON! monitoring harness system from VetMeasure, get a free demo today and experience the endless benefits for yourself!
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