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Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

Worry Less with Consistent Heart Rate Monitoring

MeasureON!’s ® ECG screening and consistent heart rate monitoring function provides accurate heart rate reports so you can be at ease and worry less.

Non-Invasive, Highly Accurate Canine Heart Rate Monitoring You Can Count On

MeasureON! uses two high-tech sensors to provide automatic heart rate monitoring for dogs. When the monitor is fitted properly to the dog, the sensors will sit on the lateral sides of the dog’s chest and rib cage. This places them in an optimal position to measure a dog’s heart rate. As the electrodes come into contact with the dog’s skin, there are small combs that will maneuver through the dog’s fur to measure the dog’s heart rate accurately. Because of this, the harness does not have to match the shape of the dog’s chest exactly to provide an accurate heart rate reading in the form of a live-streaming ECG.

MeasureON! Dog Heart Rate Monitor App Keeps Veterinarians Informed at the Clinic or Home

MeasureON! creates the perfect extension between your staff and even pet owners with consistent monitoring for better patient outcomes and happier pets.

MeasureON!’s innovative design is loved by veterinarians for its many features including:

  • Does not require dogs to be shaved to provide accurate readings
  • Uses hypoallergenic gel for conductivity which can be substituted by isopropyl alcohol for short term use
  • The live-stream ECG allows vets to make accurate decisions in real-time
  • The Bluetooth connection allows the stream to be viewed from up to 20 feet away
  • The Wi-Fi connection allows vitals to be recording and viewed from any location
MeasureON!’s heart rate and ECG monitoring system allow vets to make faster, more accurate decisions based on reliable, actionable information.
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Geriatric Patient Monitoring

Heart Rate monitoring is particularly critical with geriatric patients. MeasureON! assists in monitoring Heart Rate for these patients as they have an increased risk of the following:

Valvular Heart Diseases

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Pericardial Diseases


Systemic Hypertension

CE Vet Courses

MeasureON! Dog Health Monitor Features

MeasureON! has been designed to fit dogs perfectly, lining up the sensors to provide accurate, industry-standard measurements.

Accurate and consistent readings of these key vitals provide veterinarians and pet owners with the peace of mind they need. The mobile app can even provide warnings for readings that are out of range. Some of the added benefits include the fully automated system, compact design, and instant notifications and alerts.

MeasureON! also provides accurate measurements of:


Respiratory Rate

Relative Activity Level

Ambient Conditions

Enhance Your Clinic with Patient Recovery with Tracking & Monitoring from MeasureON!

If you would like to learn more about the MeasureON! monitoring system from VetMeasure ®, get a free demo today, and experience the endless benefits for yourself!

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