National Dog Day, on August 26th, is quickly approaching. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, there are 60.2 million dog-owning households across the United States. Due to the popularity of “man’s best friend,” many cities and establishments are becoming increasingly dog-friendly. In celebration of National Dog Day, VetMeasure wanted to feature areas across the United States that have been recognized for catering to canines.

  1. Portland, Oregon – the most dog-friendly US city. Featuring many dog-friendly restaurants and pubs, Portland also has the most dog parks per capita for any large US city. Along with countless hiking trails and breed-specific gatherings, Portland is an amazing city for any dog lover. Check out other top contenders Dog Time.
  2. Ray’s and Stark – a restaurant located in Los Angeles, California features a “Man’s Best Friend” menu during Barky Brunch on Sundays.  Ray’s and Stark isn’t alone in offering a dog-friendly patio – this trend has been sweeping the nation. Visit OpenTable for other restaurants going above and beyond to welcome dogs.
  3. Grand Canyon National Park. While many National Parks prohibit dogs which may disturb wildlife, Grand Canyon National Park is known for being more dog-friendly. Leashed dogs are invited to hike above the rim and stay in several campgrounds. However, if you plan on hiking below the rim, you will need board your dog (available at the park). To find more dog-friendly National Parks, visit BarkPost.

At VetMeasure, animal health is our top priority. Our MeasureON! harness allows dog owners to track their dog’s temperature, respiratory rate, and pulse. Through monitoring, this biometrics illness can be caught and treated earlier by forming a continuous connection between owners, dogs, and their veterinarian. The VetMeasure team would love to hear about your experiences in dog-friendly cities, restaurants, and parks across the country.  

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