Choose Your Vet Before Your Pet

Getting a new pet is always an exciting occasion. We often get so excited and overwhelmed about bringing the newest member of our family home that we forget about one of the most important things: choosing a vet. We want our pets to receive “top dog” care, which is why it is so important to choose your vet before your pet.

Why Choose Your Vet Before Your Pet

One of the most important aspects of having a pet is ensuring that they are healthy and happy. We all want the best for our four-legged friends, which includes the best possible healthcare. According to VetHelpDirect, caring for your pet starts before they even arrive at your house by setting up proper care options and ensuring that you are prepared for anything that comes your way. Choosing your vet before your pet allows pet owners to be prepared for the following situations. 

In Case of Emergency 

Bringing home a new pet is always exciting and a little bit nerve-racking. While we would all like to think that we are ready for anything, we are often unprepared for emergencies. What happens if your pet gets injured within the first few days? How will you decide where to take your pet? It is extremely stressful to weigh your options when placed in a position where your pet needs immediate care. You also risk that clinics will not have openings within their schedule to see a new pet. By choosing a vet ahead of time, you can carefully evaluate your options. You can consider the type of care provided, staff reputation, clinic hours, location, and costs associated with care. This ensures that you have a clinic that meets your needs, along with your pets. 

Unique Care Needs

Every clinic offers a different array of care. Some may specialize in certain breeds or even certain species of animals. If your pet will require unique care, finding the right vet is more critical than ever. You will want to ensure that the clinic you choose can fulfill all of your pet’s care needs, no matter how big or small. Before bringing your pet home, you should research your pet’s breed to learn about any unique care that they require. Once you know their care needs, find a clinic and veterinarian who specializes in that area or is known for their work regarding your pet’s needs. 

Items to Consider When Choosing Your Vet

In case you are wondering what other factors to consider when choosing a veterinarian, here are some common aspects to consider. 

Location of Clinic

When evaluating different veterinarian clinic options, location is a common factor to evaluate. Depending on where you live and your pet’s unique needs, there may be many options nearby, or clinics may be several towns over. Consider how far you are willing to travel for appointments and in the event of emergencies. You may want to choose the clinic closest to you for easy accessibility, or maybe you are willing to travel a little farther to a clinic that offers better care and lower prices. 

Cost of Veterinarian Care

Cost is a factor in every decision we make, whether it is a big decision or a small one. Consider the cost of provided services after looking at your pet’s needs and the clinic’s available care options. Do they provide care at a reasonable price? Do their payment plans work with your budget? Finding affordable care is just as vital as finding high-quality care. 

Clinic Technology

Having up-to-date technology is just as crucial as the veterinarian’s skillset. Be sure to take into account the type of available technology that the clinic has and how it relates to your pet’s care. Devices like MeasureON! allow clinics to noninvasively measure a patient’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, ECG, and activity level during post-anesthesia. This device allows veterinarians to get vital, current information during the most critical stages of pet recovery. To ensure that your pet has the best possible care, be sure to assess the clinic’s available technology when choosing a veterinarian.


Why Vet Before Pet

When you take the time to research your pet’s needs and the available care options before getting your pet, you are more prepared to care for them. Selecting a veterinarian and clinic before an emergency occurs allows you to consider location, cost, available care, and clinic technology before deciding. This results in your clinic selection better fitting your pet’s needs, along with your own. 


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