As we are all transition to an at home work environment, many of us are getting extra time with our furry friends. If you want to learn more about all the great ways dog can help benefit us check out this great article about the benefits of owning a dog. With all this extra time, there are many great ways to start incorporating your dog into your daily routine at home. Check out the link below!  Or this great link!

1) Work on their manners: as pet parents, we don’t always have the extra time or energy to work with our dogs on basic commands.   

2) Go for a walk: Get out and about with your dog. This is a great way to escape your home and to enjoy the nice weather and the company of your pet.   

3) Focus on their health: In all the craziness of life, sometimes, we can disregard our health as well as the health of pets. Take this time to focus on what both you and your dog are putting in your bodies to be happy and healthy. Here are the top dog food brands recommended by vets!   

4) Think about the good: In this time of uncertainty and change, try to remember the good things in your life, like the opportunity to spend more with your furry friends! 

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