How to Show Your Vet Techs Appreciation

Next week marks Vet Tech Appreciation Week! As you prepare to recognize your team, check out these ways to show your vet techs how much they are appreciated. 

Showing Appreciation Around the Office

Whether it is a small act of kindness or a big celebration, taking time to celebrate the work of your team is extremely important. There are lots of ways to show appreciation in the office. Here are a few!

Provide Coffee and Donuts throughout the Week

Growing up, we all heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Help your vet techs start the day off on the right foot by providing coffee and donuts. A little caffeine and sugar can show a lot of appreciation and ensure that your clinic is ready to handle whatever the day throws at them.

Write Thank You Cards

In a world where technology is everywhere, never underestimate the power of a handwritten thank you card. Thank you cards are a great way to highlight the skills and aspects you appreciate about each person individually. The added personal touch of hand writing the card makes it even more impactful. It is sure to bring a smile to each of your vet techs.

Create a Well-Being Room

Everyone can all agree that working in a vet clinic or animal hospital can be extremely stressful. It is hard to find a quiet place to get away from the craziness of the office, especially on the busiest of days. To help staff decompress during the work day, VetSuccess recommends creating a well-being room within your office for employees to visit whenever they feel overwhelmed. Make sure it is a quiet and comfortable place that allows them to relax and decompress. Your vet techs will appreciate having a room with comfy chairs and no interruptions where they can go de-stress. 

Create a Wall of Fame

Are you proud of your employees or grateful for everything that they do? Then why not share it with everyone who visits the clinic! Near the front desk, create a hall of fame board or display to spotlight each of your vet techs. Every day, or every other day, depending on your number of employees, highlight a new vet tech and their accomplishments. Display their picture and a small write-up about what you appreciate about them for all patients and staff to see.

Want to spotlight your incredible vet techs even more? Post their hall of fame spotlights to the clinic’s social media accounts or website! Show off your staff to the entire community.

Showing Appreciation Beyond the Office

There are multiple different ways of showing appreciation. If you want to show your vet techs appreciation beyond the office, take a look at these ideas.

Give Retention and Appreciation Bonuses

Nothing says “keep up the great work” quite like an appreciation bonus. An appreciation bonus, similar to a sign-on bonus, lets staff know that you are glad they are a part of your team and increases employee retention. VetSuccess recommends pairing appreciation bonuses with personalized descriptions. On each bonus, list three things that you appreciate about your vet tech, or their most beneficial characteristics. This helps boost morale and highlights the hard work of all technicians. 

Offer Half a Day Off

The vet techs have been hard at work for months, so they deserve some time off! To show your appreciation, give your employees half a day off. A morning to sleep in or an afternoon to relax is always greatly appreciated. Each day, pick one tech to either leave early or come in late. This method allows everyone to get their well-deserved time off while ensuring the clinic is still running on all cylinders.


No matter how you decide to celebrate Vet Tech Appreciation Week, make sure you take the time to recognize your hard-working team. It is more important than ever to celebrate their efforts and accomplishments after the craziness of this past year.

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