Many pet owners consider their pets as a member of their family, so it is important to make sure they are being taken care of. Here at VetMeasure, our staff makes the health of an animal’s top priority. Our mobile harness, MeasureON! has the ability to monitor environmental temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate and dog activity level. These features allow pet owners and veterinarians to manage things such as animal pain and heat stress.

These are a few signs you need to be aware of if your canine isn’t wearing our mobile harness that gives real-time health statistics:

Heavy Panting – We know it’s normal for a pet to pant after taking part in any type of physical activity. What isn’t normal is heavy panting. Heavy panting lasts longer than normal panting which comes from any sort of activity your pet has taken part in. If your pet continues to pant for a long amount of time, it may mean your pet is in pain and could have pneumonia, lung tumors, heart failure, or poisoning.

Drooling – Us dog lovers are all aware that drooling is a given, especially those who own boxers, or Saint Bernard’s. However, ALL canine owners still need to be aware that there is such a thing as excessive drooling. Excessive drooling may be a sign of heatstroke or tooth abscess.

Excessive Water Consumption – Pet owners are well aware that there is nothing their furry family member loves more than their water bowl after a strenuous play date. If he or she continues to return frequently, this may indicate a sign of kidney failure or Cushing’s disease.

 By the time you begin to notice these signs in your beloved canine, it could mean your companion has an overnight stay at the vet clinic in store. Let MeasureON! monitor your dog to ensure they stay happy and healthy. For more information regarding these slight yet crucial signs to be aware of in pets, check out Pet Insurance. Make sure to follow on twitter!

A boxer is laying down on an exam table in a veterinary clinic while wearing a MeasureON! harness. The veterinarian is wearing a white coat, stands behind the dog holding a tablet in front of the dog. Both the dog and veterinarian are looking towards the tablet.
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