Tails were wagging; cameras were flashing, all while the MeasureON! was hard at work. June has had some busy days for the VetMeasure team as we held our first product photoshoot! As we continue to progress toward offering our first commercial product, the VetMeasure marketing team is doing their best to provide you with the highest quality information about our company and the MeasureON! harness.

Our good friends at the Wellington Veterinary Hospital (WVH) in Wellington, CO participated in day one of our photo shoots. While there, Echo the Boxer offered to help model MeasureON! for our photographer to show just how beneficial this product is for veterinarians and their clinic staff. Dr. Stone, Echo’s owner and a veterinarian at WVH, was able to naturally show the connection between veterinarians, their canine patients, and how MeasureON! can be incorporated in veterinary clinic life.

The fun continued the following day in the photography studio with Remy and Aspen. You might remember hearing about Remy in our earlier blog post featuring The Dogs of VetMeasure. Remy and Aspen were all wags as they modeled MeasureON! and ate snacks.

A tan mixed breed dog and a huskey are sitting, wearing MeasureON! harnesses. Both dogs are looking off the the right side of the photograph.

After a successful two days behind the camera, the entire VetMeasure team would like to thank Randy Pfizenmaier, principal at Fuse Box Studio for his creativity and effort to bring our vision to reality. Remember to follow all things VetMeasure through social media to see these new photos as we share them with you in preparation for our commercial launch! You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter now!

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