Today members of the VetMeasure team spent their afternoon at the Wellington Veterinary Hospital (WVH) for our product soft-launch. And what a successful day it was!

VetMeasure has been working with WVH for over a year, studying the needs of veterinary hospitals and perfect our product technology. WVH is an innovative practice, offering the best care to its patients and the perfect place to incorporate new technology. The soft launch began with a product introduction to the WVH veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Our team explained the mission of our company, the purpose of our product, and the goals we have for the soft-launch phase. The soft-launch is crucial for VetMeasure to obtain feedback from end-users based on what they see in real veterinary practices from day-to-day while using MeasureON!

Next, WVH staff were able to work together in groups to familiarize themselves with MeasureON! and the mobile app (now available on iOS and Android app stores). During this time, our VetMeasure friend Remy was on site to model the harness and demonstrate proper fit as shown in the picture below.

Two VetMeasure representatives standing in front of a TV presenting the VetMeasure website. A dog is standing in front of the female representative.

Several MeasureON! harnesses will stay at WVH for the weeks to come as the staff integrates this new technology into their practice. The VetMeasure team will also be checking in at WVH, answer questions or address any troubleshooting that may be. All information gathered from WVH will be used to refine our product and ensure it is ready for commercial launch into the veterinary market.

Once again, we would like to extend our appreciation to everyone at WVH for their engagement and enthusiasm about the MeasureON! Look for another WVH soft-launch update soon.

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