Leaves are falling off the trees, and the weather is beginning to cool down here in Iowa. The winter months have a tendency to be “ruff” here, but that’s no excuse to let the activity level of your pets decrease right along side the temperature outside. Ensuring that your pet stays active year-round is very important.

With today being National Pet Obesity Day, we recognize that currently, more than half of the world’s population of cats and dogs are considered to be overweight. Many people don’t even realize that their pet falls into the “obese” category.

Good news though, pet obesity is easily preventable. Here at VetMeasure, our product can help you prevent your furry friend from falling into this category. How PAWESOME is that?! Since MeasureON! is able to monitor activity level, it allows us to recognize whether or not your pet is getting enough exercise.

Here are a few activities you can do with your dog year round, but especially as we approach the winter months:

Play a game. Hide your dog’s favorite toy so they search and continue to move until that certain toy has been discovered.

Challenge your canine’s nose. We all know that dogs have a great sense of smell, so make them work for their meals. Put their meal somewhere they need to work to access, not just in plain sight.

Sign your dog up for a class. We know, this option isn’t offered everywhere, unfortunately, but getting your dog into a swimming or agility class will make their activity levels skyrocket.

For more fun ideas to do to keep your dog active, click here.

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