Every practice is a bit different when it comes to accessibility and modernization; however, communication is always key to creating change. Learn five ways you can engage with clients in the modern world through positive communication.


Instagram Story Template1. Instagram Stories

Most clinics today have various social media platforms they utilize to release information. One that has been a booming hit for most is Instagram. Whether a vet student or vet influencer, many want to share their work with others through their photography, and Instagram is the perfect place to add the images. However, just as it is essential to have an account, it is also necessary to use it. Today, veterinary clinics can use this space to promote their clinics not only with those within the field but also with their own clients. One key concept of Instagram is its story feature; stories are a 24-hour photo r graphic that can be shared easily with others. Your veterinary practice can engage with clients and others within the industry through giveaways or contests such as those pictured to the left. Contests and giveaways advance exposure and allow your content to be shared by followers to others who may be interested in your service.

2. Monthly E-Newsletter

Incorporate communication via email with a monthly newsletter. Social media is always great, but giving your clients resources through an email newsletter enables them to access your website and other resources you see fit sharing. Your newsletter can highlight your latest blog posts, community engagement, and advice while promoting brand awareness. Within this newsletter, you can send up-to-date hours of your practice and any emergency information, as well as upcoming events you may be a part of. It also is an easy way to send promotional deals and keep your client’s in the loop with all your work.

3. Podcasts

These days all the rage includes listening to learn through podcasts, especially within the animal health industry. Educate your customers about their pets by starting your very own podcast or being a guest on a veterinary-related podcast. You can share advice, develop new ideas, and gain clients from the connections you make through the listener base. Some of our favorites include the Veterinarian Success Podcast, the Veterinary Innovation Podcast, and the Veterinary Journal Club & Discussions.

4. Facebook Lives

Create a conversation with community members and customers through Facebook Live. Facebook allows individuals to send a live video feed and chat with their followers at any moment of the day. This feature is seen by many and is an active way to communicate with your client base. To prepare, schedule out your Facebook Lives a few days in advance, so your followers are aware. This will increase overall attendance and allow your clients to prepare questions they may have in advance. Your clinic can answer anything on customers’ minds and give free advice to improve their pets’ quality of life. This is also a great way to announce giveaway winners from your Instagram/Facebook Stories.


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5. Create Tik Toks

Engage with the youngest pet owners by creating Tik Toks, short 60-second videos that highlight tidbits of your practice. Not only does this app share content with your follower base, but it also sends your videos to thousands of others who may have the same interest in veterinary services. Your clinic can hop on the latest trend and relate videos to proper animal care, advice for new pet owners, and what you do within your clinic to better the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship.

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