Each team member at VetMeasure has helped build-up or company to what it is today. Learn a bit about them and what they do to help us reach our goals.

Kevin Maher

President & Founder

Kevin founded VetMeasure in 2015 based on the knowledge of 30+ years of experience in the animal health industry. Through the development of MeasureON! Kevin has been able to modernize today’s veterinary practices and improve animal health.

Sydney See

Operations Manager

Sydney graduated from Iowa State University in May of 2019 with her Animal Science Degree along with a minor in Business. Sydney has always been passionate about the animal health industry, and that passion shines through here at VetMeasure. She works to ensure we all stay on task within the office, updating our website, and developing future plans for improvements to our product, MeasureON!

Katie Hamilton

Vet Student Intern

Katie Hamilton is in her second year of Vet School at Iowa State University this year, and we cannot wait to see her success as she works towards becoming a veterinarian. She currently offers excellent input in overall company goals and writing expertise for our blog posts. Lately, she has been an enormous help in creating surgery-related content for our website to develop more relevant information for veterinarians and pet owners.

Rachel Zumbach

Marketing Intern

Rachel is a Senior at Iowa State this school year as she works towards a dual degree in Agricultural and Life Sciences Education – Communications Option & International Agriculture. She has improved our social media presence and search engine optimization through digital analytics.


Professional Dog Model

Bell is the lovely pet of Katie Hamilton. She is often showcased in many of our photos within content we post on our social media platforms. Her favorite treat is dog kibble and she loves to go swimming.


Barketing Assistant

Finn is the dashing furry friend of Sydney See. His favorite activities include coming to the office, and he too is often showcased on our social media after adventures he partakes in.

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