Most of us have attended or participated in a trade show over our career. However, it doesn’t make it any less nerve-racking and stressful if it is your first or your 100th-time present. With all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to lose track of what your main goals were for being there. As a veterinarian, you have limited time to find the best available products to help your patients. Trade Shows can offer hundreds of resources for you in a limited amount of time. Consider these quick tips to make the most of your time while in attendance.

Communication is Key

Whether online or attending an in-person trade show, communication is key while attending trade shows. Make sure to write down a few questions you are seeking answers to before attending. This will help you decipher which booths or pages are worth spending time on. These can range from price points to ROI or anything in between. Also, consider gathering contact information. With all the various exhibits, it may not be easy to remember which booth had what you were looking for at the time. This would allow you to follow up with the company if you didn’t share your information with them. However, oftentimes companies will request this by signing up for an online newsletter through email.

Know the Companies In Attendance

Before visiting, download the companies’ list in attendance and highlight those you know you want to visit. Most trade shows will have a digital list of those in attendance along with a map so visitors can distinguish where they want to go beforehand. This will allow you to maximize your time spent with exhibitors and learn more about their products or services they have available.

Learn About Startups

Although there are often huge companies that attract the eye of visitors, startups are just as important. Get an edge on competition within the veterinary industry by talking with those who present something, not just new but often innovative! Many trade shows have a specific area for these companies. Although innovation can sometimes be overlooked at trade shows, make sure to give them a chance. You never know, a product that could change your practice’s efficiency may be sitting right in front of you. 

Trade Show Freebie Alert

Lastly, collect freebies and deals! We all love extra notepads, pens, and wireless chargers often offered by companies exhibiting. Oftentimes, companies will offer both freebies as giveaways and deals for their products or services during trade shows. Take advantage of these opportunities while available.

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