Over the last several weeks, members of the VetMeasure team have been working diligently in preparation to soft-launching our MeasureON! harness into a third clinic, Altoona Veterinary Hospital – located in Altoona, Iowa. MeasureON! is making its debut to in Iowa. Altoona Veterinary Hospital serves clients in all aspects of pet care including surgeries, dentistry, pet boarding and more. There are four veterinarians at this location along with a knowledgeable team of veterinary technicians, technician assistants, animal caretakers, and receptionists. We have already received excellent feedback from this hospital regarding MeasureON!.


Tori and Katie, members of the VetMeasure team visited Altoona Veterinary Hospital to discuss the harness and the benefits that this innovative product provides. A few weeks after launching MeasureON! into our first Iowa clinic, Tori, Katie, and Katelyn; also a VetMeasure team member made another visit to the clinic to gain feedback and input from both the doctors and staff at Altoona Veterinary Hospital.


This hospital plans to utilize our harness to monitor patients before and after surgery, as well as to continuously monitor boarded canine. The entire team is very excited about MeasureON! along with the ability, it will give them to monitor patients in a less invasive, more labor efficient manner. Following the training, the technicians practiced using the harness on their own furry friends!


To learn more about Altoona Veterinary Hospital, click HERE.

To learn more about the MeasureON! harness, click HERE.

A close-up photo of a boxer sitting. The dog is wearing a MeasureON! harness, with the axillary straps visible on the dog's chest.
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