Here at VetMeasure, our staff takes the health of canines very seriously. We even created a wearable monitoring device, MeasureON! which helps ensure that your furry friend is maintaining their health. If you have been following along with our weekly blog posts, you probably already know by now that MeasureON! has the ability to monitor temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate. Since our product is capable of monitoring all of these things, that means it is able to help detect if your dog has a heart murmur. Heart murmurs are extra heart vibrations that are produced as a result of a disturbance in blood flow. There are different types of heart murmurs, continuous and to-and-fro, systolic, and diastolic. Continuous and to-and-fro murmurs occur during most, if not all of the cardiac cycle. Systolic murmurs occur when the heart muscle contracts, whereas diastolic murmurs occur when the heart muscle relaxes between beats. These murmurs can be caused by a variety of things, and the symptoms depend on different characteristics.


Heart murmurs can potentially lead to heart disease or heart failure, so ensuring that these signs and symptoms are caught as soon as possible is very important for preventative care. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your canine’s health is “harnessed,” by MeasureON!.


To learn more about heart murmurs, click HERE.

To learn more about our product, MeasureON! Click HERE.

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