It’s been a busy and exciting week for the VetMeasure team this week! JJ Moritz and Ian Huber, from our engineering team, were at Denver Startup Week in Colorado for the Physical Product Showcase with the MeasureON! harness. Denver Startup Week is a five-day long event that is specifically for founders, developers, product managers, designers, marketers, and sales teams. The event is located in Downtown Denver and its purpose is to bring the entrepreneurial community together. Those who are in attendance stay busy by attending workshops, social events, job fairs, presentations, panels, and happy hours to network and communicate with the community about their products.


Physical Product Showcase attendees had the opportunity to visit booths from local start-up companies to “see, touch, and sample” their products. JJ and Ian modeled the harness on “Data” VetMeasure’s stuffed-animal dog. They demonstrated the MeasureON! harness technology by having a computer setup showing a live stream of Remy, a VetMeasure team (real) dog, wearing MeasureON!. Through our app attendees could see Remy’s temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate in real time. Attendees were invited to interact with the website and app and explore various features. The VetMeasure booth remained busy throughout the event, discussing MeasureON! with Denver residents, entrepreneurs, and company

An outdoor trade-show setting, featuring a large table covered with MeasureON! marketing materials. Two company representatives stand behind the table, smiling at the camera.

To learn more about the Denver Startup week, visit their website HERE.

To learn more about the Measure ON! harness, click HERE.

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