Members of the VetMeasure team have been working hard in preparation to soft-launching our MeasureON! harness into a second clinic, Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital – located in Aurora, Colorado. This clinic serves clients in all aspects of pet care including regularly scheduled examinations, preventative care, dental and eye care, oncology, nutrition, surgery, and 24/7 emergency services. With nine veterinarians and a full support staff team, this technology-forward clinic will be well equipped to provide excellent feedback on MeasureON!.


Over the past several weeks JJ Moritz (engineer) and Mallory Gage (Director of Operations) have visited Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital to discuss MeasureON! and the benefits this innovate harness provides. Additionally, JJ and Mallory have met with the clinic managers and IT specialist to prepare for integrating MeasureON! into this practice.  


Last week and earlier this week, Mallory and our engineering team at Sapien worked with all three shifts of veterinary support staff to train them on using MeasureON!. The Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital will utilize our harness to monitor patients before and after surgery, as well as to continuously monitor those admitted for emergency care. The technicians were very excited about our harness, and the ability it will give them to monitor patients in a less invasive, more labor efficient manner. Following the training, several technicians practiced using the harness on their own dogs!


To learn more about the Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital, click HERE.


To learn more about the MeasureON! harness, click HERE.

A husk sits angled towards the camera, looking off to the upper left side of the photo. The dog is wearing a MeasureON! harness.
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