Our team at VetMeasure is passionate about the health and well-being of all animals, so it should be no surprise that we are recognizing Adopt a Shelter Pet Day today! Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is designed to encourage the adoption of animals from a shelter. To celebrate this holiday, many shelters reduce their adoption prices. We understand that this day comes around every year, so we don’t expect you to adopt an animal annually.  With that being said, we have consolidated a list of other ways that you can contribute.

  • Sponsor a dog – Many shelters are now allowing their animals to be sponsored. Whether you are sponsoring an adoption fee to encourage someone to adopt a pet into their loving home or are providing that animal with food, water and toys; recognize that you are making a positive impact on that animal’s life.
  • Volunteer your time – Volunteering at a local shelter will make a huge difference on animal’s lives while waiting for their new family. Providing these shelter animals with love and attention provides them with positive socialization experiences; making them become more adoptable.
  • Make some positive changes for your dog – Ensuring that your canine is receiving the proper amount of daily exercise is essential for them to be well-adjusted. If dogs don’t receive the proper amount of exercise, they can become destructive, anxious or frustrated, which will result in behavioral problems.

We hope that you go visit your local shelter today to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Whether you bring a pet home, sponsor a pet, or give them your undivided attention, you are making a positive impact on each animal that you cross paths with!

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