What our Veterinarians have to say:

"When we moved into our new space in June, we decided to invest in VetMeasure harnesses to be able to unobtrusively monitor our hospitalized and anesthetized patients. We have found the harnesses to be comfortable for our patients and user-friendly for our staff. Any time I have had a question or issue with a harness, the VetMeasure staff has been extremely responsive, helpful, and friendly. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the VetMeasure harness to other practices looking for a unique way to enhance patient monitoring."

- Dr. Amanda Lutzy, DVM

"MeasureON! is a great tool. It allows you to know about complications immediately to help prevent that patient from dying. This is simply by knowing right away if their health begins to decline."

- Jill López, DVM

"Extra monitoring with MeasureON! would be beneficial on multiple of our patients including, middle to older aged dogs where their recovery time may be a little slower, dogs that underwent longer surgeries, and small dogs that lose body heat quicker."

- Dr. Robert Knapp, Knapp Veterinary Hospital 

"MeasureON! detected a fever in our patient that was unexpected. This led to a more rapid diagnosis of an early septic abdomen, communication with the owner, and decision making than had we waited for the regularly scheduled TPRs."

- Megan van Eeden DVM, DACVIM

“We are excited to be able to use MeasureON!, especially on aggressive patients, so we can more easily monitor their vitals at every interval.”

- Nichole Young, RVT Heritage Animal Hospital

"Being able to put a VetMeasure harness on a dog who is extra sleepy, or had been sedated, helps me monitor these patients better because I can set alerts for their heart rate and be notified if their heart rate drops too low."

- Patient Recovery Lead, Auburn, AL

"I believe the MeasureON! harnesses stand out in the veterinary space, as a wearable, because they are better able to withstand patient movement and continue to provide accurate data."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"So easy to use and even easier to set up!"

- Kris McMahon CCRP Technology Operations Manager at VEG, Union, NJ

"If a patient has ECG arrhythmias during surgery, I use MeasureON! during recovery to stream live ECG intervals to continuously monitor that patient's heart and health."

- Patient Recovery Lead, Auburn, AL

"I can see the MeasureON! harnesses having a fit in every vet hospital, and definitely having a fit in ours."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"The MeasureON! harnesses do exactly what they are intended for and provide spot on accurate measurements of patient vitals. Utilizing these harnesses to monitor our postoperative patients has been beneficial, not only to our team, but also to our patients."

- Dr. Bryan Clarke- All Creatures Animal Hospital, Tampa, FL

"We were so comfortable this Thanksgiving using the VetMeasure here! We were able to finish so many tasks without having to constantly check heart monitors or worry about the clips falling out of an anxious patient."

- Kris McMahon CCRP Technology Operations Manager at VEG, Union, NJ

"Being able to remotely obtain TPR on post op recovery patients and being alerted to changes in their recovery without having to disrupt the patient is the biggest pain point MeasureON! solves."

-Dr. Tracey Jensen, Wellington Veterinary Hospital, Wellington, CO

"This technology is great and could expand overnight monitoring at emergency clinics and reduce the disruption of the patient."

-Beth LVT, Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital, Warren, MI

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