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Meet The MeasureON!® Harness

MeasureON! provides continuous, non-invasive, real-time capture of:

Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Activity Level
Environmental Temperature
Environmental Humidity

With MeasureON! veterinarians and technicians now have access to patient vitals at their fingertips.

VetMeasure is proud to offer MeasureON!- patent #US8830068

Patient Monitoring, Made Simple

The New Way To Monitor Patients

Today’s monitoring methods rely heavily on manual measurements of temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. While these methods are effective, they increase stress to your patients and are inefficient in today’s practice.

We created MeasureON! so veterinarians and technicians can have immediate access to vitals during a patient’s visit or while they are recovering at home. We embrace the goal of veterinarians to provide the highest level of care by ensuring quick, consistent access to patient vitals.

MeasureON! on ICU monitor
Continuous Patient Monitoring

MeasureON! Use-Cases for General Practice

Pre-Anesthesia TPR & ECG Monitoring

  • Place on admission for patients undergoing a procedure such as a spay, neuter, cystotomy, mass removal, or dental procedure to obtain accurate baseline vitals & ECG.


  • Continuously monitor the patient’s vitals while allowing patients to rest during the recovery period.
  • Allows you to document normal temperature prior to removing heat support and/or discharge from the hospital.
  • Obtaining serial rectal temperatures can be time-consuming, cause the patient discomfort, and often takes two people.

Serve as ECG on patients with concern on auscultation- evaluating for arrhythmias

  • Patients hospitalized overnight without staff
  • DVM or Tech can monitor from home for any signs of complications while unattended in the hospital.
  • Patients hospitalized during the day

Patients hospitalized during the day

  • For monitoring and treatment benefit from close monitoring to evaluate for a response to treatment or worsening of their condition. Some examples of conditions include acute gastroenteritis, kidney failure, heart failure, trauma, and intoxications.

Serve as an at-home monitoring device for select clients & patients

  • For those special clients that would love the added layer of comfort that their pet’s vitals are being monitored while at home. This would be especially beneficial in the first 24 hours following discharge after a procedure.
Critical Patient Monitoring

MeasureON! Use-Cases for Emergency & Specialty Hospitals

Hospitalized Patients

  • Pre & Post-Anesthesia Patients
    • Consistent vitals monitoring during these critical periods of hospitalization
    • Can help determine when heat support can be removed, avoiding hyperthermia
  • Aggressive patients
    • Place monitor and obtain accurate and consistent vitals rather than repeated, distressing and sometimes dangerous restraint
  • Critical patients
    • The patients that need around the clock vitals monitoring, without the hassle of cords and staff time
    • Monitor vitals on patients in the oxygen cage WITHOUT opening the door. MeasureON! avoids the intermittent drop in oxygen levels that occurs when the door is open.
  • Patients housed in “wards” or out-of-sight
    • Keeping a constant monitor on patients that are out of sight helps to predict a problem before it is too late – painful, anxious, needing to urinate

Overnight monitoring- a benefit to the overnight staff

  • Limited overnight staffing is a ubiquitous problem in veterinary medicine. MeasureON! allows for monitoring of patients without the need for technicians spending time obtaining vitals, ultimately leading to better patient care.

ICU/Treatment areas where DVMs and Staff are located

  • Can display vitals on a big screen where everyone can view and analyze the patients’ vitals

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