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Meet The MeasureON!® Harness

MeasureON! provides continuous, non-invasive, real-time capture of:

Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Activity Level
Environmental Temperature
Environmental Humidity

With MeasureON! veterinarians and technicians now have access to patient vitals at their fingertips.

VetMeasure is proud to offer MeasureON!- patent #US8830068

Patient Monitoring, Made Simple

The New Way To Monitor Patients

Today’s monitoring methods rely heavily on manual measurements of temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. While these methods are effective, they increase stress to your patients and are inefficient in today’s practice.

We created MeasureON! so veterinarians and technicians can have immediate access to vitals during a patient’s visit or while they are recovering at home. We embrace the goal of veterinarians to provide the highest level of care by ensuring quick, consistent access to patient vitals.

Continuous Patient Monitoring

MeasureON! Use-Cases

  • Patients who were stressed pre-op to ease monitoring when they wake up
  • Patients with pre-existing conditions & heart conditions
  • Extra sleepy or re-sedated patients
  • Patients who had cardiac/ECG arrhythmias during sedation
  • If complications occurred during surgery
  • High-risk survival patients
  • Geriatric patients
geriatric dog related to canine patient monitoring

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