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As pet owners, we understand your desire to provide the best possible care for your animal to ensure their health, comfort, and well-being. VetMeasure’s ® unique MeasureON! ® provides continuous monitoring of your animal’s health in real-time, for 24/7 monitored coverage.

Tracking your pet’s health is becoming increasingly important. Your dog may be very good at hiding when he/she is not feeling well. Our MeasureON! harness allows you to automatically check on your dog’s health and vitals during the times they seem to not be feeling well.

Have you ever been suspicious that your dog may not be feeling well?

Today’s monitoring methods rely heavily on manual measurements of temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. While these methods are effective, they increase stress to your patients and are inefficient in today’s practice.

We created MeasureON! so veterinarians and technicians can have immediate access to vitals during a patient’s visit or while they are recovering at home. We embrace the goal of veterinarians to provide the highest level of care by ensuring quick, consistent access to patient vitals.

How To Best Keep Track Of Your Dog’s Health

Monitoring your pet’s health consistently will increase the chances of catching a pet’s sickness before it becomes severe and even expensive. Do you take your temperature when you don’t feel well or monitor your health with a smartwatch? Now you will be able to do the same for your pet.

Your pet is always there for you when you aren’t feeling well. Be there for your pet when they aren’t feeling well.

Send Your Pet’s Data Right To Your Veterinarian

Our smart harness for dogs allows you to easily measure your dog’s vitals by just using Wi-Fi and the VetMeasure app. This will help you determine if your dog is not feeling well by comparing their vitals to their normal health measurements.

Once you know your dog is feeling under the weather you can contact your veterinarian to find out the best plan of action for your pet to get them feeling their best self again.

VetMeasure is here for you and your best four-legged friend.

Ask your veterinarian today if they use MeasureON! to better monitor your pet while they are in the hospital. 

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