Brief Insight: Southwest Veterinary Symposium Sessions

In-person tradeshows are BACK! VetMeasure is excited to be able to travel to tradeshows in person in the upcoming months. One of the shows we will be headed to is the Southwest Veterinary Symposium. This show is at the end of September 2021. We are excited about their lineup of sessions to attend. Throughout this blog, we highlight brief insight into Southwest Veterinary Symposium Sessions that we are looking forward to. You can view their full calendar here

Throughout this event, there will be different topics discussed on a variety of species. VetMeasure is excited about canine health topics to be discussed. However, there were many different topics to choose from the blog will only cover four sessions.  

Seizure Patients 

This session covers concepts and therapeutic methods currently used to manage seizures in small animals such as dogs and cats. Dr. Andy Shores will convey different diagnostic plans to refer a patient and the differentials for seizure patients. 

We are excited about this session because our technology can assist with the methods that are discussed. MeasureON! can consistently track Temperature, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate (TPR) every minute and stream a live ECG when activated. This could help with anticipating when a seizure is going to happen and increase the time that a pet owner or veterinary professional has to help the patient. 

Bleeding Patients 

The session is named “Diagnostic Considerations and Interpretations for Bleeding Patients.” During this session, Dr. Pete Christopherson will discuss important issues. He will also answer questions for proper testing and diagnostics. Patients that have acquired or inherited a bleeding disorder can be scary for your clients. 

MeasureON! would have the ability to aid this subject. This would be if this patient needed surgery. Consistent monitoring of TPR could be taken and alerts sent in real-time if that patient was starting to track outside of the safe zones that can be set by a veterinarian. 

Chiari-Like Malformations

Dr. Andy Shores is spending his time on September 23rd discussing Chiari-Like Malformations (CM-SM) known as Caudal Occipital Malformation (COMS). COMS is a condition typically found in Cavalier King Charlies Spaniels (CKCS), Brussels Griffon Dogs, and other small breeds. COMS occurs when there is a size difference between the skull and the CNS plus possible cranial cervical vertebrae. The combination of this leads to compression of the caudal fossa. Dr. Shores will discuss different ways that this is recognized as well as recommendations for clients. It will also discuss therapy for your patient and guidelines when recommending medical or surgical treatment. 

COMS, while being very common in the CKCS, isn’t something that is common knowledge amongst pet owners. While it is the most common with the CKCS, it is in other small breeds as well. With the statistic of small dog clients being more common than large dog breeds, it’s important to have the information available of all their options. MeasureON! is a technology solution that can track the relative activity level of a patient as well as keep consistent measurements on respiratory rate. 

Myocarditis Session

Myocarditis is the inflammation of the heart muscle. During the session, Dr. Ashley Saunders explains what this is and how it affects our furry companions. It will cover how they can result in arrhythmias and myocardial dysfunction. The session will also review the different causes and effects of this disease and tips for diagnosis. 

Since it can cause heart arrhythmias, the use of wearables would help with closer monitoring. MeasureON! Has the ability to stream a live ECG for up to two minutes. If a patient came in with a myocarditis condition, the veterinary professional would have the ability to use the harness to the best of their ability. 

SWVS Sessions Overall 

Throughout this event, there will be different topics discussed on a variety of species. There are many to choose from and we hope that the professionals attending this event will take everything in stride. VetMeasure is so excited to be back on the road again with our smart harness technology, MeasureON! so come find us in the exhibit hall. The sessions that are being provided are going to give a plethora of knowledge to all who attend. 

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