Welcome to VetMeasure! I’m Kevin Maher, entrepreneur, and VetMeasure founder. VetMeasure creates animal health monitoring devices. We are in the final stages of development for our canine harness to be used primarily by veterinarians and will be moving into harnesses for active dogs and calves next. My interest in animal health monitoring came from an interest in how technology can have a positive impact on agriculture and veterinary practices.

A headshot of Kevin Maher, VetMeasure's founder, against a concrete wall. Kevin is wearing a light blue shirt and smiling at the camera.

I grew up on a dairy farm and beef cattle operation in central Iowa, which is where my passion for animals and their health began. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science, I worked for various animal health-related companies. The jobs I had over the years gave me the opportunity to travel all over the country and the world.

In 1999 I created my first business GlobalVetLink. To move livestock and horses across state lines there is animal health regulatory paperwork. GlobalVetLINK allowed for paperless animal health records and therefore, easier animal movement between states. I successfully got all 50 state veterinarians to replace their paper system with a digital one, and ran GlobalVetLINK up until recently, when I passed the torch to start my next company, VetMeasure.

VetMeasure was founded in 2015 when I realized we needed a scientifically validated instrument that could tell us how an animal was feeling, without causing them to be uncomfortable. Veterinarians deal with this problem every day. VetMeasure entered into a licensing agreement with Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since then, the VetMeasure team has created a unique, non-invasive, comfortable harness that detects a dogs respiration rate, heart rate, activity level, and body temperature, while also compiling data on air temperature and humidity.

To keep our customers updated, our team will be sharing blog posts frequently, so check back to find more information about the VetMeasure team and our products!

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