As the MeasureON! product commercial launch nears, our engineering team, Sapien, has been hard at work to make MeasureON! more accurate and user-friendly through additional alerts and warnings.

The latest version of the harness firmware sends alerts to the app if it recognizes that the dog is laying on its side, under a heating blanket, and if the harness is not correctly placed or tightened on the dog. These features allow users to gain more insight and understanding into the data they are viewing. Additionally, through identifying the specific problem, users are able to correct it without being concerned over inaccurate data.

Wondering what to expect next? Our engineering team has completed a scientific temperature study to analyze the accuracy of the temperature sensors on the MeasureON! Harness. This data has been analyzed and a scientific manuscript is currently being written for publication.

Creating a trusted, reliable product has been a driving force behind MeasureON!’s development. Through gaining feedback from several veterinary clinics and hospitals, we have tailored MeasureON! to be the most beneficial to veterinarians, technicians, and dog owners.

Husky sitting at an angle from the camera with its head tilted back, looking at the photographer. The dog is wearing a MeasureON! harness.

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