MeasureON! Harness


Features & Benefits

  • Our MeasureON! harness is a reliable and comfortable patient monitor designed to give accurate vital readings for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to analyze during post-operation monitoring occurs.
  • The MeasureON! harness design enables efficient detection of an animal’s health statistics in real-time for veterinarians to better optimize care and treatment options.
  • Using Bluetooth technology and our web app, veterinarians can access animal health information while in the vet clinic, at home, or away. VetMeasure wants to make the lives of veterinarians easier by helping monitor the animals they work with and care for every day.
  • A subscription is NOT required for each harness unless you would like to receive patient reports for each use of the monitor (if this is desired, please contact your VetMeasure consultant).

Materials Included

  • USB Charging Cord & Port
  • Electrode Gel
  • Three ECG Electrodes
  • One Tape Measure
  • One Syringe
  • MeasureON! User Guide

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