We all love the good ole days, but it is important to recognize opportunities for when change is needed, especially when it comes to our clinics and patient care. Every pet owner wants what is best for their pet, and that includes a modern veterinary clinic that can provide the best in veterinary patient-client relationships and innovative technology.

How To Modernize Your Veterinary Clinic

1. Minimizing Patient Stress:

A good work-flow within a modern veterinary hospital is key to minimizing patient anxiety and requires omitting various stress-inducers. Incorporating these practices is essential as it can be difficult to examine a furry friend that is feeling nervous or overwhelmed.

  • Telehealth Implementation: Modern veterinary clinics often offer telehealth, which includes online check-in/check-out methods and video chat/call options. Both practices limit the time’s clients need to bring their pet into the facility, which can minimize the amount of time your dog has to sit in a waiting room and allows them to return home faster.
  • Provide Favorites: Modern clinics include various treats and toys that pets will enjoy and encourage pet owners to bring their own as well. The dog will take its mind off the unfamiliar environment and feel more at home.
  • Encourage More Frequent Visits: If a dog only comes to the vet for situations in which they may be poked and prodded, they will start to associate that space with stress. Encourage your clients to have happy visits with their pets in which staff can interact with them in a more friendly manner.
  • Comfortability: Some furry friends get along, but in a high-stress environment, you may not know the reaction of your pets or others. It is essential for veterinary practices to have optimal space between pets in the waiting room to encourage relaxation. A modern clinic lobby with comfortable chairs and natural light will also minimize the stress of the owner as well.

2. Improved Customer Relationships:

The dog may be your patient, but their owner is your customer, and it is essential to provide them a well-rounded experience as well. A modern vet clinic enables them to feel more comfortable in asking questions and taking the best care of their pet.

  • Communication: It is crucial to keep in contact with your patient’s owner through social media and emails to provide information that can enhance their pet’s life. Communication can be done through giveaways and informational brochures.
  • Community Involvement: Customers love working with organizations that like to improve their communities around them. Through volunteering for local shelters, or donating time to educate others on tips & tricks for their pets, your community will see your practice in a more positive light.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Modern clinics offer training on diversity and inclusion to staff so that everyone that walks through your doors feels at home and welcome.

3. Innovative Technology:

In this day in age, a lot of advancements to different industries have been largely due to the innovation of technology. The pet-care industry is no exception. Through using new, innovative technologies modern vet clinics can expand their monitoring capacities:

  • Efficiency: Technology can ensure vet techs don’t miss a beat when it comes to vitals as they can focus on one pet at a time. This enables practices to maximize efficiency and focus on pets that need more urgent care and keep track of abnormal events within your pet’s health.
  • Effectiveness: Increased monitoring of patients means that modern clinics can identify concerning trends in the patient’s vital statistics more rapidly, leading to earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes. More monitoring/new monitoring methods can ease your clients’ peace of mind knowing their dog will always be monitored at your clinic.
  • Reliability: Having reliable technology is essential. Monitoring technology that you always have to double-check defeats its purpose of increasing efficiency in the clinic. Reviews and other user feedback are a great way to test the reliability of the technology. Otherwise, asking if a company offers a trial period would also help determine if the new technology could benefit you and your team first hand.

Modernize Your Vet Clinic With MeasureON!

MeasureON! provides opportunities for efficiency, increased effectiveness of diagnosis as patients can be monitored from home by a trained professional. Pets are also able to feel more comfortable with our elastic harness design, allowing them to wear the harness for extended periods. This gives veterinarians the ability to have more accuracy when collecting vitals and pet owners to feel more confident in the diagnosis or recovery of their pets.

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